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Adding new member search queires – feedback appreciated – it’s a work in progress with more options coming.

Try these:

Search by stated sex:

male, female, couple, gay, trans

Search by age range:

Search by State:

Choose a state - consdier adjoining states or ones you may travel too!

Search by country

Sadly these are mispelled often, and some use USA and others put United States for example.

More search things coming soon – do an @admin mention to suggest a new set of parameters.
coming soon, search by state, and a search everything which will search groups and stuff.

11 thoughts on “Advanced Members Search”

  1. This is so fucked up – You have supposedly “Australian” groups = but with american members ?

    And on your serch list = you show ONLY american states – what about the mere seven states of Australia – so that we can do LOCAL searches.

  2. Would be nice to be able to search by multiple parameters rather than just one at a time. Could use “Location and sex” to find local hotties. And “age and sex” would especially be nice to find women close to my age.

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