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Atsumi Trix


About Me

Ok. So. I’m bi-sexual crossdresser.

I date only girls, i’ve just never felt any romance towards guys,
but doesn’t mean i can’t have fun with guys too.

I love to have a huge hard cock in my mouth and make it to spray all that warm cum around my face and in my mouth. I’m very nymphomaniac when it comes to cock sucking. Even when i’m watching a movie, instead of popcorn, i’d just rather suck cock… tho it would be f*n hard to watch a movie with a dick in your mouth… lol. But, you get the point. I love to suck cock.
I’m the kind of a friend for a guy that i can suck you off while you’re watching (for an example) boxing from the tv, you cum, i swallow. I get to the fridge, get few beers and come to watch the match and talk about boobs or something. lol. Normal friend with benefits. 😉
I’m totally a bottom when it comes to guys. I like to please.

About girls… Asian girls for an example gets me to explode, also i like country girls (HOT HOT HOT). Burlesque! There’s one too. Girls with a long hair +++++. Often is asked are you an ass or boob type… i think i am both, i used to watch boobs a lot…. but later i noticed my friend had like the best ass i’ve never seen, it was perfect, almost came just thinking about that ass. Also certain types of eyes gets me and hard.

Full Name

Atsumi Trix









Birth Month / Day

March 5, 1981

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