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Just a group of girlfriends that like to post pics…we dont kik, snapchat, trade pics…not in a snobbish way but, we like real dick, not fantasy dick….all of this came from us sitting around, drinking a bit, talking, and then the dares came hahaha… it didnt stop with the pics, it led into some lesbian touching , if u will…however keep in mind, we love men, the smell of men, the touch of a man but, we just had a weird night and some experiments took place. 1) who comes the hardest? short story shorter. Rose did hahahaha. One on eac boob and arm, one holding the legs open and rubbing her clit…Like i said, Rose did. When that orgasm came OMG!… we has hell holding her down hahaha. Rose is not a small woman, and she is strong! When i tell u that this woman had a 60 second orgasm, please believe me! It was like she was being electrocuted. I tell u what, any man that is between those legs when Rose cums, had better be a real man, because my girl Rose is no joke!.. I can go on about the 5 of us who were there that night, but that would be take too long…I just want to give u a bit of who we are and why we are here…..Love Jozee

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