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Hi, I’m just an older guy that likes being naughty. I have no wish to offend anyone and I am looking for a bit of fun. My wife used to do daring things, wear a miniskirt without underwear in a public place Etc. I love seeing women being daring with their bodies.  I cant believe how liberating it is to be free to share with others while exposing my cock.  No one has seen it other than my wife for the last 26 years. Because I’m new to this, I followed the examples I saw and made my profile pic my cock. Quite frankly it made me insanely horny just thinking about it. The excitement was intense. I want my wife to enjoy all of the cocks that she wants, especially from guys that want to play just for her.

I am hoping that this site will allow me to share only the people interested and not offend anyone else. There must be women that would like to see my cock, I know many guys will enjoy my wife’s pussy and beautiful perky tits.

Too many guys have ruined our reputation by sending unwanted dick pics to girls that didn’t ask. Shame on you guys…

Hoping for my wife to join me, I want to show her off :-)

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Gator Green









Birth Month / Day

February 18, 1965


flirting, partying, role playing, candid flashing and watching candid flashing.

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Sex Acts

Pussy Eating / Cunnilingus, Role Play, Erotic Stories, Watching / Being Watched / Voyeur, Swinging / Partner Sharing / Swapping, Bisexual Sex – Girl w Girl, Public Naughtiness, Threesomes

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