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About Me

Well honestly I have been to other social media but none of them really allowed  me to share my pictures of my panties and maxi pad.

I have been to other social media but none of them really allowed this kind of content,the adult social media will allow me, but not a lot of enjoyment me wearing a pad with my panties.

basically all they want me to do is to pose nude. Here i think I can cater to my exhibition desire that people would actually want to see.


Know that I am treating this site as a social media not a dating site or Tinder, so please don’t ask me to pose fully nude.

I am here to share my upskirt picture and express my sexual thought. You can talk dirty as much as you want, I enjoy that. Please don’t ask me to chat with you in Kik or in other chat if I don’t know you. Let me get to know you first before we talk on a regular basis. I am amazed how many requests I get for this.

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate all the attention I get here, but lately it’s getting hard to contain.

That’s why I’m writing this so you know what I am about, so if you’re okay with all these terms, let’s go ahead and be friends.


Oh yeah and one more thing!  visit my site me and my boyfriend had made, most of my upskirt picture would be posted there with blogs that alone with it.


Relationship Status


Full Name

Katie lee







Birth Month / Day

July 13, 1991


upskirt, maxi pad

Turn Ons

Sex Acts

Blow Jobs, Pussy Eating / Cunnilingus, CreamPies, Role Play, Cuddling, Erotic Stories, Dirty Talk, Watching / Being Watched / Voyeur, Costumes, Hand Jobs / Finger Fucking

The adult social network.

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