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I love pussies! And guess what, I like it the most to see and fuck pussies from behind, doggy-style. There is nothing more pure than a women bending over, showing her ass and her pussy between her legs. Here is the best, I am married and my wife loves pussies as well, sharing the same fantasy – my cock in every fuckable pussy…preferably she would put it into that pussy. Now here is the bad thing, there is too many pussies out there to fuck all of them and secondly, they are not as open as we’d like to have them. Thus, I started to fuck whore pussies, for a few bugs (usually 50€) we get exactly what we imagine. Without too much conversation and all of that blablabla. My wife doesn’t want to join, but asks me to take pictures of the act…not every whore allows that…but in that case I tell every detail verbally to my wife. She appreciates that with having me fuck her again in the same way as I fucked the whore half an hour before….

Here is the worst thing, we simply don’t have enough money to get all pussies fucked that would do it for money…hard life;-)

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