Block user feature

If someone is sending you unwanted messages or annoying you in some other way, simply click their profile and click the block button.

When you block another user they:

cannot see any of your activity on the site.
cannot send or reply to a message – they will get a custom error notice
cannot visit your profile page – they will be sent to the home page
cannot see you on the Members page or a Group Members page
cannot send you a friendship request
will no longer be your friend, if that friendship existed

This is brand new code and we can not guarantee that everything is going to work properly, so use with caution. Do not count no the block or mute functions work as expected. We hope they do though!
Since these are new features we are looking for feedback if anything gets messed up – these are beta testing things, hopefully they work great and don’t mess anything else up! At this point we hope to keep these features, but if something doesn’t work right we may need to pull this code and try something else at another time.

The ability to block annoying users has been requested from several members, and it’s something we have had on our to do list for way too long. Hopefully people will not need to use these features very often, but those who do want them I hope it makes the site a better experience for you! We are always looking for ways to make things better here, sometimes it takes much longer than we planned to make these changes – but we are working on this thing every day.

Hopefully these updates make the site better for everyone, and easier to customize your own experience here.

The mite feature was tested for a day and has become a work in future progress.

Planning to make a more complete “how-to” page for these features showing some of the other details about them. For now these features are available to test.

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