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Added a new option for advanced searching profiles. On the members tab.

You can choose to search by State by selecting one of the “radio buttons” next to a state, or you can not choose to include state in the search by not selecting any.

You can type in a country name, or leave that field blank.

You can choose to search by Sex, male, female, couple, trans, gay / lesbian couple, etc. Or leave that blank.


This is something several members have asked about, and something we tried to implement long ago. Currently the advanced search will allow people to search within a few fields / selectors. We plan to add new profile fields for everyone in the future, which will make the advanced search more powerful.

If you want to search for other terms, just use the standard members search box on the members page like this:


If you’d like other people around the world to find you and your interests, perhaps you should create a group. Create a new group like “Texas Swingers Sex” – and others will be able to find you there.

Maybe we should create some more groups within the system rather than waiting for others to create groups for the various countries and states.

We should also add some new profile fields – like “Interested in:” and listing random sexy things to make it easier to show others what you are into, and make it easier to search. What would those things be? Sex. Group Sex. Kinky Sex. Oral Sex. Long walks on the beach. Swinging, wife swap, couples, bi curious, okay this is going to take another page to make this list I think.

Ideas always welcome! It’s been an interesting experiment to see what people have chosen to use and create around here that’s for sure!

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