Facebook drama news this week

Seeing tons of bad press for facebook this week. Just read an article at one of the major US news sites talking about alternatives to facebook that do not sell your data to third parties. Funny that article basicly listed a few alternatives that DO share your data.

Sad that they did not mention us here at Adults Only Space. We have been the very anti-facebook money model since we started years ago.

Glad to see people waking up to the bad uses of their intimate data via facebook, and hopefully people will realize even more that sharing any info online can lead to it being used against you. Not sure that everyone will ever know and understand the full extent of how much data is actually being collected in so many ways. IT would be good to give people more concrete examples of how combining that data and putting in certain lights could have it used against you and others that you care about in ways that you never considered before.

Oh, we need more examples beyond influencing people’s votes for elections, there should be so many more examples for people to understand.

So many of these portals sell you and your info and habits to third parties who use the data to display ads that try to convince you to do things that you were not going to do before your data was used to display these things.

think about that for a bit.

Updates Jan 2018

We pushed several code updates in January 2018 and 4 more code updates on Feb 1st.

Is something broken?

I know videos are still not working on Apple / IoS devices – sorry, it’s a major issue, remind me first of March to work on that more.

If something else is not working right for you with these recent updates, please let me know…. I’ll need:

what is the issue you are having? Is there an error message?

what kind of device are you using to connect?

what is your public ip addy?
(find that at http://www.ipchicken.com )

if you cant login to send me a message, you can send form email via: http://adultsonlyspace.com/contact/

Here’s to a good year past and more to come!

Few Updates for our Chat Rooms Today

Finally got to roll out some updates to the chat rooms systems that have been on the drawing board for a long time.Many of the changes we things in the backend admin area to keep the systems running faster and having less lag for people getting rooms list and current users listing.

Check out our on site chat rooms; click / tap here.

The change that many of our members may notice, and I hope you all love, is that older rooms will now be automatically removed from the rooms list. Basically if a room is created by one of the users and left empty for more than 24 hours then it will disappear from the rooms list.

This should make it easier for people who are entering the char rooms to find currently active rooms and not be overwhelmed by hundreds of old rooms that have not been used in a long time.

Of course this also means that those of you who wanted to make a room once and have it there day after day and week after week as a regular meetup and hangout area, you will need to remake or recreate the room on a daily basis, although in some cases if the room is used regularly it may stay in the system longer than other rooms that were made and used once days ago.

Seriously appreciate those who send me contact messages when there are any glitches with the chat system! I wouldn’t know there were issues if I didn’t get those messages from you all!

Hopefully these recent updates will keep the system running smoother and faster for longer times, and we can work on other features without worrying about the chats for a while!

backend code updates today

Did some backend code updates today. A bunch of little fixes for many of the code blocks that keeps all the different pieces of this social network running. Nothing is a major change – so hopefully nothing is broken! There is hope that a few little things were fixed for some, however.

If you find something is broken from this update please let me know asap!

I know the videos are still not playing for iphones / ipads, and some mac notebooks / desktops. The good thing is that we found what we think it the cause of that problem. The bad thing is that it’s really fucking complex to fix.

We could just change the code chunk that is what we think is making it not work and reset that, but then all the previous pictures and videos would be broken. It’s hard to explain, but it’s basically something like, our pics and videos are pushed into a media file folder on this web server, and for some stupid reason the IOs devices won’t let them securely play from that folder – so we could take the fast way out and move all current, future and past pics and videos to a new folder where iOS devices will play videos – BUT then that would break all the links to the old pics and videos that everyone has uploaded over the years.

So we are trying to put together a plan to kind of do both and see what we can make happen.

Alos looking at some more things to update in the future. Glad you all are sticking with us as we make things better!

We have a new suggestion page where people can post site suggestions here.

Videos broken for some – working on fixes

We understand that videos are not working for most people who are using apple / iOs devices. After spending a fair amount of time and money trying to fix this – it’s still broken. We are working on the problem – but it may be an issue for apple to make better in future updates – we are not sure at the moment.


We also found that videos posted in groups play okay in the group activity feed, and via the sitewide activity feed – but when you click to an individual video the formatting is way off and they don’t play. We just found this issue Jan 19th 2017 – and we are working on it.

We spent a lot of money on a special video converter thing, but we’re not sure it’s working like it’s supposed to. We are looking at other video converter systems at the moment, and we’ll hopefully have several updates before summer time to make all this much better.

New Sex Acts Interests for Profiles

Testing out an option to add sex acts that people find interesting, enjoyable or curious about, to the profiles. Just added as an optional set of checkboxes that people can select. These are the first ones that came to mind:

Sex Acts

Anal Play
BDSM (in general)
Blow Jobs
Pussy Eating / Cunnilingus
Role Play
Erotic Stories
Dirty Talk
Watching / Being Watched / Voyeur
Sex Toys / Dildos / Objects
Hand Jobs / Finger Fucking
Swinging / Partner Sharing / Swapping
Sex w Cock and Pussy (general hetero sex)
Bisexual Sex – Girl w Girl
Bisexual Sex – Guy w Guy
Gay Men Sex
Lesbian / Gay Women Sex
Group Sex or Gangbangs
Rough Sex
Public Naughtiness
Spanking or SnM

Obviously there are many more in the world, many of these should probably have some kind of flyout sub group of categories to check off as well. This should be a decent start anyway.

What sex acts should we add to this list?

Add your comments in the comment box below, or send me a pm (@admin)

If enough people use these checkboxes, it may make it easier to find people that are interested in similar things.

These should show up as an option for all new members when they register, and should be an option to add for existing members when they ‘edit profile’

Also adds a new text box for “Interests” for profiles as well.

the interests box will turn words into searchable / clickable items eventually. So having more than one person who adds “beach” to their interests text box will make that term a clickable / searchable term.

These are currently testing features – hopefully they are helpful to everyone. Enjoy!

New Security and Spam block

We added a few new security layers and spam blocker things today. If you have a problem logging in, or posting a message, then there could be an issue with the layers / blockers going overboard – so please let me know via private message, or maybe I’ll need to make a contact form as well.

We are looking for extra ways to block spammers and other nefarious people / bots trying to abuse our services here, so more extra security checks are likely coming. In some cases entire countries may be blocked from registering / logging in.

More info on this if people request it.

Pics and Videos Uploads Working Better

Several people were saying that pics and videos were not uploading properly. At first I thought this was a mobile device issue, but as more and more people were chiming in that large files were failing I did some digging. Found some settings that were changed a while back, but then got reverted when we had our big crash and rebuild in December. So I changed a couple of settings, and I think now uploads should work for pics and videos up to about 155MB.

I imagine there will be some folks who want to upload files larger than this, so I’ll keep an eye out for anything that has any issues with files larger than that. We have several options for handling things like this, but we may need to upgrade our web hosting server if lots of people start sharing huge videos like this. Of course I want people to be able to share awesome videos – so if we need to upgrade, or add in some kind of converter or splitter thing that may become an option.

For now I am focused on rebuilding our “how to” pages, and need to remake the graphics for the tutorials on how to do things like add pics and such. Of course if anyone wants to make some screen shots and graphics showing others how to use this place I’d love to see what others come up with. For now I think we fixed a majority of the issues with large pics and videos uploading.

Change profile pic

Hot to change your profile picture.

The steps below are just for your profile pic. If you just want to upload / share pics and videos to your profile / activity / album / etc – then read about that here: http://adultsonlyspace.com/how-to-add-pictures-mp4-videos-media-to-your-profile/

This is shown using desktop computer. sizing and layout will be different on different sized screens. The drop to select cropping size may different with mobile devices as well. Hopefully this quick tutorial will give you enough info to easily find how to change the profile picture. If you find things are different when using your device, please share in the comments below to help others.

1 – Click change profile photo

2 – Either drag and drop a pic into the box below, or click “select your file” and it will open a window to file explore on your device.


The image will load in a box with “crop to size handles” – and another preview of the cropped image below that.

3 – Drag the corner of the square to change the size of the final cropped pic.

4 – Click “crop image”

It should now be saved and become your new profile photo.


Need your help – settings

Losing more than a years worth of work is devastating, and there is no way I can remember every word I wrote for how to posts, or every custom setting I put in place to make this place great.

Please help me put this back together by leaving comment on this post here about any missing settings / features / menus / how-to posts, well anything that you remember from our old setup that is not working right now.

I am working on getting the media uploader / pics / videos things re-setup – and am half way through the process of getting our new advanced chat system up and running.

Future needs will include a double backup system, and info for users on how they can export a backup of their own blog / site thing if they set that up.

I am almost in tears about this loss of data, I am so sorry to everyone that lost profiles, friends lists, blogs, all that.

With your help, even mentioning groups names that are no longer here, I will try to rebuild this.. even though much of it, like groups and blogs were built by users, I’ll do what I can to get it back and better than before.

So if you can think of / see anything that ain’t right, let me know so I can get a to do list here.

The adult social network.

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