You will need to re-register, sorry

Looks like all data has been lost since Feb 2014 – I am o fucking pissed right now I can’t even think straight. There are so many posts, so many settings, so much custom code – I can’t even think of everything that is going to need to be re-built.

I’m going to sleep on this – then try to see what I can put back together… then get our brank new chat system up for testing.. then I’ll need everyone to remind of whatever things we had that are missing as we go back in time and try to reset everything.


Yeah, you’ll need to re-register.. all settings are borked.. photos, videos, blogs.. yep, the fucking database system pretty much controls everything.. fuck. All those how-to blog posts, and.. fuck.


fuck. fuck.

Major Crash – lost 9,000 members data

We had a major database crash. We are trying to pull some stuff from backups, but it looks like our backups had the crashed code within them.
We may not be able to get the data back. We are still trying – but it does not look good at this time.

Right now everything is back like how it was about a year ago – losing the data of about 9,000 members.. site blog posts.. all kinds of shit I can’t even think of right now.

This major sucks!

Trying to fix what is here.. still trying to get crashed backup repaired somehow.. going to have to think real hard about all the custom modifications that we did over the last year and how to re-deply them.. Thinking really hard how to make a thid backup system and how to test that it actually works.

Let this be a lesson for everyone else I guess – make a backup of you precious files.. pics and stuff – you never know when your system will crash and your backup plan may not work right.

This fucking sucks!

video problem fixed?

Update Dec 9th, 2015 – We fixed most of the video issues, however we did detect that some videos are still not working on most apple devices like iphones and ipads… and some web browsers fail to play videos with android tablets / phones – however I think most people can add mobile browser browser to their tablet / phone and actually see videos.

Our cosiing partners are currently working on and testing a new video conversation code that will hopefully make videos easier to watch on iphones / ipads in the near future – it’s not done quite yet, and they’ve been woking on this issue for a couple / few weeks now.

The original post from Nov 2, 2015 follows:
Got word from our coding partners that the videos issues should be resolved.

So we need to test! As people upload videos, if they work or don’t work, I need details about about kind of web browser is being used to upload or view. Also what the video format was in the original upload.

Our updated video thing is supposed to convert videos to a proper format and they should hopefully work for everyone whether it’s a desktop / laptop or mobile phone / tablet.

Looking forward to all this working!

Anyone who uploaded a video in the past couple weeks may need to re-upload, as from what I have seen most of those did not work properly.

Thanks for hanging in with us as we iron things out!

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fixing videos issues

We are working on fixing the issues that some are having with uploading videos and other are having with viewing them. It’s been such a strange issue; viewing vids works on some devices and not others, while uploading videos has become a similarly weird thing as well. we’ve spent a lot of time trying to hash out what the issues could be, and it looks like we are closer to getting the issue resolved.

Our coding partners have finally been able to see the exact errors that our premium video converter thing was pulling – so now they are onto re-creating the issue in their lab and should be figuring out a solution soon, hopefully this week.

Sincere apologies and much appreciation to all of you that have encountered issues with the videos here! we have been trying to get all this working right. Lots of people chimed in with issues and many were willing to explain what device they were using and which browser. Some people even took the time to download other web browsers like mobile firefox to see if the issue persisted when using the same device. In a few cases we found that the firefox browser would play some videos on a mobile device when other browsers would not – but that was not the only issue apparently.

Good news is we have been able to zero in on a couple of errors and should be coming up with a solution soon!

Now if we can just get this video thing all fixed up, next I will spend some time and money working on the planned upgrade to our chat rooms system.

block user update

Had to push a small update to the “block user” function / button today. There is a chance that previously blocked people were erased from the system – so you may need to “re-block” someone that you had before. We had a small chunk of code that was affecting page load time, and that is fixed now. In the process we may have lost previous settings – but the old settings may still be in place – not sure yet at this point.

If anyone can report that previously blocked people are still in their “blocked users list” – or not I’d appreciate it. Sorry if this affects anyone in a bad way – this was an unexpected update and probably done before I had enough espresso getting the brain to full on all cylinders. If we need to update this code chunk again in the future we will do in it a slightly different manner.

Hugs everyone.

Block user feature

If someone is sending you unwanted messages or annoying you in some other way, simply click their profile and click the block button.

When you block another user they:

cannot see any of your activity on the site.
cannot send or reply to a message – they will get a custom error notice
cannot visit your profile page – they will be sent to the home page
cannot see you on the Members page or a Group Members page
cannot send you a friendship request
will no longer be your friend, if that friendship existed

This is brand new code and we can not guarantee that everything is going to work properly, so use with caution. Do not count no the block or mute functions work as expected. We hope they do though!
Since these are new features we are looking for feedback if anything gets messed up – these are beta testing things, hopefully they work great and don’t mess anything else up! At this point we hope to keep these features, but if something doesn’t work right we may need to pull this code and try something else at another time.

The ability to block annoying users has been requested from several members, and it’s something we have had on our to do list for way too long. Hopefully people will not need to use these features very often, but those who do want them I hope it makes the site a better experience for you! We are always looking for ways to make things better here, sometimes it takes much longer than we planned to make these changes – but we are working on this thing every day.

Hopefully these updates make the site better for everyone, and easier to customize your own experience here.

The mite feature was tested for a day and has become a work in future progress.

Planning to make a more complete “how-to” page for these features showing some of the other details about them. For now these features are available to test.

Testing new design 08-31

We are testing a new design to see if and what people may like better about this one.

We are also testing to see if this design plays better with our web server memory issues.

We will be testing the pictures / videos uploader thing to see if it works with this new design, and if it works better when people try to upload using mobile devices like chomre on android or whatever it is that apple offers on ipad / iphone.

Any pictures or other media that you upload over the next couple of days MAY BE LOST when get this media handler thing changed / updated. As much as we all enjoy sharing pics, please make a backup of any photos you add, as the photo storage currently in use is temporary while we try to fix this mess.

The pictures / videos / media uploader and gallery viewer is acting crazy with our latest security update. We have two different teams of people trying to figure out if we need to change our security update or update the picture and video thing. This is crazy!

If you are having trouble with picture uploads using a mobile device, please post a comment on this page here:
Please include what kind of device (eg Android, Ipad, etc) – also include what browser you are using (chrome, mobile firefox, etc)

Anyhow over the next couple days we hope to figure it out. During the next couple of days you may see pictures disappearing and the ability to upload changing. We may try a new picture upload system which is supposed to work well, but if we move to that one, then most of the old pics and videos may not work.

Some of you may have noticed that some hours of the day or night there may be a new menu option when you hover over your screen name in the top right -” “Gallery” – if you see that, then this is the new pic thing we are testing.
We are tying to find a way to get the old one working right, and the new one tested, and trying to find a way to deploy both media upload / gallery viewer things at the same time. IT would make for a great threesome if we can get them to all play well together; hold tight and we’ll see!

Testing new look for AOS

August 24, 2015 34 Comments
I hope things looking so different is not a major shock to our regular users, and I am not sure that this new look is what we are going to stick with, so bare with me for a few days while we test some things out.

This post answers many questions, and was published with our first design change in 2015 – we are testing a different new look started Aug 31 -details about that here.

Why the new look?

I liked the old one, and I may modify this new theme / design to have more of the look of our previous design, so it’s not finished yet. The main reason for such a drastic change is to test for some features that may not work with our old design. With updates to our main system, some of our “plugin things” have been acting weird (like picture uploads with mobile devices) – so we may have to retire our old design / theme in order to keep up with the latest code updates of the main system.

I liked this or that better with the previous design.
Please tell me what you liked better or miss with the new design. I liked having the side info on the right in our previous design, and I started to convert this design to move those things back to the right side (where they belong!) – however this new code base for this design although it looks plain, has some tricky javascript crap that gets in the way when I tried to move the sidebar to the right. So this is going to take some extra work to move things around compared to the old system.


I am going to try to

get the sidebar moved back to the right
Change the colors to more match our blue-book kind of feel we had before
check that some of the custom sizes for things like “next page” are enhanced like we had before
and any other things that we find as we try this transition.
Hopefully this new theme will

load faster.
provide enhanced viewing and navigation with various small screen sizes like tablets and phone.
fix a few problems we were having like mobile photo and video uploads not working all the time.
So lets test it out and see!

I think this new theme design has a better layout for profiles, and even if we don’t keep this new look I am going to try to find that code and use it in whatever design we end up with in the future.

Expect things to change with the look and feel the next few days while I test some various code snippets to see what looks good, what works, and what problems may arise.
We may just go right back to our old look / feel / design while I test things on another system a bit more – but in the spirit of hack it out and take feedback to see if it sticks, or even parts of it are worth enhancing – here it goes!

mobile media uploads broken?

We have gotten a few reports of picture uploads no longer working with (at least some) mobile devices. We’ve checked with the media handling coding peeps and it appears that the latest security update for our core system is causing some sort of weird error. For some it appears that pictures upload – then nothing shows up.

If you have this issue, and want to help us figure it out – please add a comment below and tell me what kind of device and which browser you are using. eg. Android Phone with Mobile Firefox, or iPad using Safari, or netbook using IE, or Android tablet using “stock” browser (The one that came with the phone that is NOT chrome) – or whatever setup you are using.


Our media sharing code partners are working to fix the issue – but I have no eta on when this will be resolved. Fingers crossed they can get things fixed up this week.

In the meantime we are also reaching out to some other code experts to see if we can have new ways of handling pictures, videos, albums and the like. We are looking for more modular ways to handle things with leaner and faster image handling.

We are also looking at ways to convert gif uploads into html5 videos that will load much faster than gifs, and should give the option to play, pause, stop, or simply not play at all – which will help some with page loading speed, scrolling pages, etc.

We are also working on a new media converter thing that should allow everyone to upload videos in different formats and have them convert to the needed mp4 format so they can display properly with our site software.

There are a few other goodies we have on the drawing board, some were are already testing, a few others we are reaching out to get some help putting all this together. Stay tuned for more cool things.

I wonder – if we had to choose between adding a thing that will let people record a short audio, or a video – which would get used more? People recording some sexy sounds and adding to their profile? Or maybe more people would use a webcam or phone cam and save a short video clip more often?

All these code addons take more time to put together (And money) than I every imagined – but I like to see the site growing, and give people more ways to share. So trying to make it all happen!

Hope everyone is enjoying the site features we currently have, and hope to have the mobile uploads thing fixed before long!

How to add pics, videos to groups

As a group user you can add pics and videos using the method below.
Original / Initial Post from July 31, 2015 admin
The media upload button is currently in an awkward place – for a long time I did not even know it was there! With our current theme and media handling plugin thing the media upload button is on the lower left of the “what’s new username” box. Once you click it, a window should pop up showing file folders on your computer to select a picture (or audio file / video file) to upload and post to the group “wall” / activity feed.

Note about video uploads!

– As of this writing, our system only works with “mp4” videos. Other video formats may still upload, but they will not play properly. Some will give others the chance to click to download – but they will not play in the browser. Soon we hope to have a video converter thing that will take most video formats and convert them on our web server into the proper mp4 format so others can enjoy them on the site.

Also, since some videos are quite large (And audio files as well) – some people may get a weird issue with the file being too large. That’s something we’ll get into in another post.

This how to tutorial is for using the media upload option in the groups activity / wall. Adding pics and other media to your profile is a bit different. There is a how-to for that here: How to add pictures, mp4 videos, media to your profile

Groups Cover Photos

Dec 9 2015 Update – latest site code now allows for groups (and profiles) to have “cover photos” – a big pic near the top similar to what you see at places like facebook. Someone needs to make a graphic tutorial on how to use this new cover photo upload option. For now know it should be an option around there somewhere if you are the group creator / group admin at this time.

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