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We are going to make this simple, and allow the community here to decide much of the future additions to our terms of service. We enjoy free speech, and defend it. This makes some things very difficult, but we are going to try to be fair, at the same time we need to protect our member’s good times. We don’t want to be like facebook or myspace when it comes to privacy and kicking people for being sexy.

Any thing posted via this site needs to include adults only. Please do not post anything that includes people in it that are not yet 18 years old. Only videos / pics / content of adults with adults.

Even if their clothes are on, and the pic would be fine to post on facebook / twitter / tumblr, it does not mean that it is okay to post here. All people shown in any pics / media can only include adults here.

So if you are flashing your tits in a restaurant, and no one sees you taking a topless selfie, that would be fine to post here, but not on facebook or google plus.

However if your selfie got some family with their backs turned while they were on their way to a restroom or something, then you probably can’t post that here (that pic would include people in it that were not over 18).

We will limit some types of speech, we will delete people for certain types of acts.

Do NOT Post contact info in the public areas of the site!

People are not allowed to post contact info in the public places of the site. This is for many important reasons. No phone numbers, no email addys, no street addys.. nothing like that in public places of the site.

We do allow people to post id for like KIK or some other messenger service if they really want to – although I recommend doing that via private messages and not publicly for many reasons.
There is a setting for activity messages to make them public, or only viewable to registered and logged in members, or friends only. These are other tolerable options perhaps.

Commercial Profiles / Use of this site

Commercial speech may be limited in several ways and for several reasons. If you are here to promote commercial services, or other web sites for commercial reasons, then you better do it in a way that is non-disruptive, and follows our other rules. We have already deleted accounts of many commercial profiles, and even ones that are done by hand and not spam-bots.

We will allow certain cam girls, and other professional accounts here, but we ask that these accounts are clearly marked as commercial, and these accounts will also have to follow some additional rules.

If you post links to other sites, or other contact information about other businesses, then you better not post what is called duplicate content.

Posting of duplicate content is one way to get booted from the system. We deleted a very nice swinger girl because she refused to write original content. She wanted to copy a blog post from her swingers blog and post it here. This is not allowed. If you are posting here, it needs to be original writing; not something copy / pasted from another site, even if you were the original writer.

If you post a link to a site that is commercial and you earn any type of compensation, be it a financial affiliate system, or paid to link, or even if someone is giving you blowjobs for posting. If you are trying to get compensation in simply advertising, traffic, free customers, or page rank from using this site – we will delete your account and ban your ip addy.

Use of this service is for entertainment only, please do not consider any advice or information you get from this site to be of any kind of scientific, legal, or medical advice, etc.

I am sure that none of you will, but let;’s also make sure that you are careful about giving away any information in this system, even via private messages. Please do not give away information about who you really are, phone numbers, credit card info – any of that important kind of stuff.

You really can’t believe any of the info that you hear from other people on this site.

You have no idea who they really are, or what their intentions really are. I always suggest that people follow the safety tips that other experts have posted online! I would also get a professional background check on anyone I met in cyberspace that I was going to take offline onto the telephone or in real life meeting.

Policy Changes / Addendums

This policy will change, it will be updated to include more info and rules as I get time to add to it. No notice will be given or posted about updates to the terms and other policies of adults only space. We suggest that each day that you use this site you check this page and look for new information and refresh your knowledge of the policies here.

* Added 9-08-2016

When images are brought to our attention in which the age of those in the pictures or videos is not know, we may search the internet looking for other copies at other sties to see a professional outfit is vouching for the age checking, or if there would be possible copy right issues or other things we need to look out for, and if there are no results when we searched for other web sites that are hosting / sharing that image, we may delete them from our site / your media / albums / a group, etc.
Without a professional company vouching for age of models we may remove images and request that proof of age, and that you have the rights to post said images.
If your photos are deleted and you want to repost them, or images similar to them, you may send this information to verify.
This must be shown to the site admins before they can be re-published on site here.
If you have model releases and age verification documents of these images and would like to re post them, then you need to send us a copy of that info – you may cover up any home addresses in this documents.
We have some things we need to be overly cautious about.

07-17-2018 – added more info about rules against posted publicly most real real world contact info.

I will take input from the users here about the policy. Feel free to comment and send me your questions or suggestions.

Most users will not be affected by this, but spammers , scammers, and people who are trying to engage in illegal activity are not welcome here.

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  1. That is a question that I don’t think has ever come up. I can do it from the admin side if you like. There is a way for users to do it themselves, but I will have to look into that to find it, it’s been a while since I have seen the regular user screen.

  2. I am going to make a group for people to post pics of their fav porn star female of course. I hope this does not cause any problems

  3. I see lots of info on the chat rooms, but I do not see how you actually get into them. Can someone assist?

  4. why is my videos showing black but on my home computer it shows RIGHT THAT MEANS ITS YOUR SITE THAT MAKING MY VIDEOS BLACK WHY ARE YOU MAKING MY VIDEOS SHOW BLACK WHY?????????????????????????????????

  5. My videos show that they are being fully downloaded onto the AOS website when I download them, but I can only view a very brief portion of each video before it locks up. Is there a reason for this? Is there a maximum video size that is allowable on AOS?

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