Adults only space is for adults only.

This site had been a dream for a long time, and officially launched open to public beta testing and feedback February 2009.

The admin of this site is a guy that had started other adult / sex related web sites, and found that popular social networks went to shit when a bunch of prudes started using myspace.

As myspace started to censor itself and places like facebook went even further. We saw that little safe havens like tumblr started getting more prude and censored.

The need for a more open and free social network for adults to communicate without worrying about the bull shit of fakebook and others is real. This site aims to be a place where adults can share and talk about adult things including sexual things, but not limited to nudes and porn. A place where you can be more real and less worrying about things you want to talk about being attached to your real name, family, job, all that.

This place is setup to be fun.

We may post links to sites that we have some kind of financial or other relationship with. I think most people viewing a site like this will be quite cautious and know that any links to other sites or information may be made for financial reasons and may not reflect the best choice for whatever topic is being discussed.

We try to eliminate most spam. We deal with bot created registrations and spam in multiple ways. We manually delete blogs that are created without original content.

Do not believe anything you read on this site. Do not take any medical advice, financial advice, or any other advice from this site. Always assume that what you are reading or seeing on this site may be not true, or be posted by people who have nefarious intentions.

If you see something that sounds legit – research it elsewhere. This site is for entertainment mainly.

We demand that any pics or videos shared here only include adults.

There are a few other rules on our terms / rules page.

If you need to contact us – do that on the contact page.


Read more news about this site and it’s current development click here.

17 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have been trying to register but keep getting sent back to fill in the security question. I put Adults Only Space in where it asks for the name of the website but it continues to loop around asking me the name of the website as an incomplete field. Is there a solution so I can register?

  2. Well that should work.. you could try entering the three words with out spaces. I will need to test it the way you are putting it in – that is in the list, so it should of been working…

  3. i signed up for this yesterday but when i try to do anything it says in red on the top of the page “Your membership account is awaiting approval…” when will it be approved?

  4. You should be all set and approved at this point. I try to get in and approve new accounts within 48 hours – sometimes it’s within 24, and sometimes it takes three or four days. I try to get in every day and check for new signups, but it takes a LOT of time looking through all the spammers and deleting them, so it’s a process. Sorry it took so long, approval would be automatic and fast if we did not get so many spammers trying to abuse the system.
    We strive to have a spam free environment here at Adults Only Space – so it takes more work on our end, and a bit more patience to get started on the member’s end – but we think it’s worth it!

  5. Why am i not allowed to sign up i filled in all of the fields but it keeps telling me that I did type in the correct phrase to not allow spammers or robots to sign up, help

  6. Have your tried to type in the name “adultsonlyspace” or “adults only space” (without the quotation marks) ? If so I might need to recheck that it’s working right.

  7. i tried to sign up and every time i enter the website name it says i got it wrong. whats with that?

  8. Malon – read the comment above yours and try that. If it does not work please let me know, I may need to upgrade our anti-spam system to make sure the kinks are out.

  9. Problem with the registration also over here, i sign up completely but haven’t receive the confirmation mail, i already look into the spam folder.

  10. Were you using a gmail address or yahoo or msn or which one? Some people have reported that they are not receiving emails at hotmail for some reason. If there is another service that is having trouble then I need to see what is going on. Also check your junk / anti-spam folders.

  11. how does one enable invisibility for members of my blocked list? i don’t want to see that shit on Recently Active Members. Thanks

  12. you could TOTALLY make a video game built into the site called “Cock-Blocker” where the object is to block as many profiles with cock pics as possible within a set time.

  13. Do videos work? Every time I try to open one it just says “Error loading this resource”.

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