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Adding new member search queires – feedback appreciated – it’s a work in progress with more options coming.

Try these:

Search by stated sex:
[bps_display form=4663]

Search by age range:
[bps_display form=83825]

Search by State:
[bps_display form=83894]

Search by country
[bps_display form=83895]

More search things coming soon – do an @admin mention to suggest a new set of parameters.
coming soon, search by state, and a search everything which will search groups and stuff.

21 thoughts on “Advanced Members Search”

  1. This is so fucked up – You have supposedly “Australian” groups = but with american members ?

    And on your serch list = you show ONLY american states – what about the mere seven states of Australia – so that we can do LOCAL searches.

  2. Would be nice to be able to search by multiple parameters rather than just one at a time. Could use “Location and sex” to find local hotties. And “age and sex” would especially be nice to find women close to my age.

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