backend code updates today

Did some backend code updates today. A bunch of little fixes for many of the code blocks that keeps all the different pieces of this social network running. Nothing is a major change – so hopefully nothing is broken! There is hope that a few little things were fixed for some, however.

If you find something is broken from this update please let me know asap!

I know the videos are still not playing for iphones / ipads, and some mac notebooks / desktops. The good thing is that we found what we think it the cause of that problem. The bad thing is that it’s really fucking complex to fix.

We could just change the code chunk that is what we think is making it not work and reset that, but then all the previous pictures and videos would be broken. It’s hard to explain, but it’s basically something like, our pics and videos are pushed into a media file folder on this web server, and for some stupid reason the IOs devices won’t let them securely play from that folder – so we could take the fast way out and move all current, future and past pics and videos to a new folder where iOS devices will play videos – BUT then that would break all the links to the old pics and videos that everyone has uploaded over the years.

So we are trying to put together a plan to kind of do both and see what we can make happen.

Alos looking at some more things to update in the future. Glad you all are sticking with us as we make things better!

We have a new suggestion page where people can post site suggestions here.

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