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mobile media uploads broken?

We have gotten a few reports of picture uploads no longer working with (at least some) mobile devices. We’ve checked with the media handling coding peeps and it appears that the latest security update for our core system is causing some sort of weird error. For some it appears that pictures upload – then nothing shows up.

If you have this issue, and want to help us figure it out – please add a comment below and tell me what kind of device and which browser you are using. eg. Android Phone with Mobile Firefox, or iPad using Safari, or netbook using IE, or Android tablet using “stock” browser (The one that came with the phone that is NOT chrome) – or whatever setup you are using.


Our media sharing code partners are working to fix the issue – but I have no eta on when this will be resolved. Fingers crossed they can get things fixed up this week.

In the meantime we are also reaching out to some other code experts to see if we can have new ways of handling pictures, videos, albums and the like. We are looking for more modular ways to handle things with leaner and faster image handling.

We are also looking at ways to convert gif uploads into html5 videos that will load much faster than gifs, and should give the option to play, pause, stop, or simply not play at all – which will help some with page loading speed, scrolling pages, etc.

We are also working on a new media converter thing that should allow everyone to upload videos in different formats and have them convert to the needed mp4 format so they can display properly with our site software.

There are a few other goodies we have on the drawing board, some were are already testing, a few others we are reaching out to get some help putting all this together. Stay tuned for more cool things.

I wonder – if we had to choose between adding a thing that will let people record a short audio, or a video – which would get used more? People recording some sexy sounds and adding to their profile? Or maybe more people would use a webcam or phone cam and save a short video clip more often?

All these code addons take more time to put together (And money) than I every imagined – but I like to see the site growing, and give people more ways to share. So trying to make it all happen!

Hope everyone is enjoying the site features we currently have, and hope to have the mobile uploads thing fixed before long!

Two different looks during upgrades

March 2, 2014 Leave a comment
You may notice that one minute AO Space looks one way, then the next minute it’s very different with some things moved around. Sorry about the different looks / layouts everyone, we are working and testing some major upgrades, and the process has not been as smooth as a freshly shaved snatch.

We will continue switching back and forth, so one minute you may see our older/ original look and layout.


Then the next minute or next day you may see things looking a bit different.

We have fixed the bugs that caused the double posting issues, and now we are testing some different layout options to see how things look on different devices. Hopefully our newer look and feel will be able to mimic most of the functionality of our original site, and make it easier to use on tablets, cell phones, and other devices. So that is the plan, during these updates you may see things get out of whack for a bit… if you find something that is broken for more than hour please let me know so I can look into fixing it!

Planning to make a site suggestions page for everyone, and creating some new “how-to tutorials” to show how to use the most common things like loggin in, checking your private messages, uploading pics, and stuff like that. Soon as we get our newer layouts all fixed up.

Keeping everyone posted as I find a few minutes between code research and deployments.

Edited many user blogs today

We had to run through and clean house of a bunch of blogs this week. In the process we deleted hundreds of blogs that were not being used, and edited some of the user blogs on site here as well.

A few blogs received some quick spelling error fixes courtesy of our over-achieving blog checker – if that bothers the few of you that had that happen, we apologize for doing so! Very few blogs had any of thier content edited, most of the changes to user blogs had to do with some minor settings, and adding a profile link in the widgetized sidebar to make it easier for people who find your blog, to find your profile and connect. There were some other important changes as well.

Many of the blog hosted on adults only space had some of the comment settings changed to only allow registered, logged in users to make comments. This is an effort to reduce the amount of spam comments that some of the blogs here have received. This should become the default setting in the near future.

Many blogs were deleted as well. If you had setup a blog, but not made any posts to it, it was most likely deleted. You can still create a new blog, but we ask that anyone who does so makes some original posts to them. Some users who had setup blogs that were based upon spamming were also deleted.

We will be making some updates to the rules here that specifies some of our quality guidelines for blogging here, and some of the other changes that we are working on in the near future.

Fixed – blog pic uploads and chat

Good news! Picture uploads now work again in the blog posts, so if you created a blog or “site” when you signed up, you can now easily add pictures, and picture galleries in blog posts. New blogs posts from everyone should also show up in the sidebar on several pages – so for those of you enjoy others reading your writings and checking out pics, now is a good time to show off and get some extra attention that way!

sexy-big-boobs-fishnet-beach-cc courtesy Arte y Fotografía

We also changed out our chat room feature – we upgraded and had some issues, so we replaced the old chat room script with a new one. It’s still in the new phase, so it’s not perfect yet, but at least we have that page working again! It’s a bit slower than we had anticipated – but we’ll see how it holds up. If anyone has any suggestions for problems with the new chat rooms please let us know! Surely we will get around to updating it more in the future, especially if it gets lots of interest.

Update today some changes anything broken?

We have finished most of a major update today. Right away we can see that there are some big changes – like the default profile pics being plain and boring instead of the cartoon monster icons that were auto-generated before got that part fixed finally! We have moved a few things around, not sure we will keep the new sidebar order or change it back, or change it around more – we’ll see!

It is our hope that the update makes the site faster, more secure, and easier to post pics in blog posts. If you find anything that is not faster or easier please let us know, and by all means if you find something that is broken please let me know ASAP!

We are working on some other new features to make things even more open and fun including a “group blog” for all groups so everyone in a group can share pics and stories in a group blog format that some people may find easier or more friendly for making new posts, and easier to keep up with the new group posts through rss feeds – but we’ll see if it catches on. There are a few other new things we are working on – we’ll keep everyone posted.

Still working to make this the best social sharing place for adults – and keeping it free the whole time! Please tell some friends about our cool uncensored network for adults only!

Album and picture upload added

We added the albums and pictures uploads for all users. We have had some limited testing with this addon, and it appears to work basically. At this time we consider this to be a beta test of the picture upload and album features. It could break at some point, so please do not upload any pictures that you would not want to be show to the general public. There is no guarantee that any privacy settings will function now, or with future updates of the site software.

We really hope that the album plugin creator will continue to update this awesome additional to the community. We can not guarantee that it will function uninterrupted, so please make backups of your pictures, as future updates could break the code that displays your photos and albums. We have had similar issues with upgrades in the past, we hope our fellow programmers do not have this happen again.

Enjoy the new picture uploads and album features, again please do not upload pics that you would not want the general public to see, as we have not fully tested any of the privacy features, and we are not sure this album addon plugin will work without breaking when we updates the code for the main site functions.

We are hoping to have upgraded picture uploading in the future, so look for more features this year!

Site makeover today – some changes

We did an adults only space site makeover today. A pretty big change to many of the layout and graphical elements. This should make it easier to view more of what’s going on in the various parts of the adults only space social network. Adding things like recent group document / pictures uploads and more. We know the older users will be use to the old layout and may get a little confused when trying to navigate around, but I think after a few days we will all find more of whats going on around here and be able to find our favorite parts of the site just fine.

We took the little mini chat off the bottom right of the pages. It was convenient and kind of facebook-like, but it did slow down the page loads a little bit, and we still have the main chat room page open, so you can go there chat with other members there.

A little upgrade today and testing new features

We did a little upgrade today. This patch should fix about 70 various little errors or bugs that most people have probably not run into, so many people will not notice anything different with the upgrade. Today we are also testing a few new features to make it easier for everyone to communicate with other people on adults only space.

We are testing a chat bar, similar to the one you find on facebook, and another feature that will let us embed videos from sites like youtube. We hope that these features are useful for everyone, and make the site even more fun to use. These features are in testing mode however, and there is a chance that they may not work 100% the way we intended, and we may have to pull them off the site for a while to fix up some code issues, so don’t freak out if they disappear.

If you find any problems using the site, or the new features, please send a pm to admin, or leave a comment here.

We are upgrading adults only space today!

We are upgrading adults only space today. The community now has a few more features, and everything seems to be working, but we are not finished with the new look, so bear with us. In order to keep things secure and ready for the next batch of add ons, we are changing some of the code, and hence this new look.

The new look and feel is only temporary, so don’t be alarmed. We will be adding the recently active members, and avatars back to the front page shortly. We are also adding some new features that will allow users to set their own custom look and feel of the pages and blogs.

Stay tuned for more info!