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Upgrade lost some avatars and pics! Sorry!

We just upgraded the site, and we’re working to add new features to make this space even better for adults to enjoy and share with each other. The upgrade process went okay, and a few new features are working. We also have added the necessary framework to roll out the next features for everyone (including new picture albums hopefully soon!) in the near future.

Unfortunately during the upgrade process we moved some folders around and lost some of the avatar pictures – so you may have to re-upload your avatar pic or the picture avatar for your group if you’d made one. Maybe not though – we are looking for ways to restore the pictures, and hopefully the database will connect with them – fingers crossed!

Uncensored video sharing – nude, dirty, whatever

It seems that many video places online are so worried about being politically correct, and worried about what kids are stumbling across, it’s nice to have uncensored videos that adults can enjoy – adult comedy, adult themes and nudity are not censored here.

This is what many of us wish myspace would do, but they can’t. Uncensored adult video sharing! You can post your own dirty videos and keep them to your friends or share with the group. You can post your videos to the public adults only space and get feedback from other users! This is awesome! You have control over the amount of privacy and censorship you want or don’t want!

Update – we are testing two different video upload options right now – so video uploading is on pause temporarily while we work out some bugs.

Adults Only Space Beta 2 point 2

This is the all new Adults Only Space, a space for adults to enjoy without the restrictions and censorship of teen social spaces.

We are currently testing our latest upgrade to ensure that all of the cool features are working and available to the adult public soon. Here are adults only space you can enjoy adults only blogs, create your own page, share adult photos and chat with other adult members.

All memberships are age verified. Our current program allows adults to join for only $1. Free memberships can be acquired by either sending in a copy of your valid state issued id or by having 2 friends sign up for the $1 membership. Commercial accounts will be subject to additional charges – details coming soon.

If you would like to receive an invitation to join in our beta testing – email

Press kit and additional adults only space background click here.

Adults only space benefits

Some people say it is kind of like myspace when it first launched. I think it is nothing like myspace – but much better!

Adults Only Space Special Benefits

  • New Hot or Not Bikini and nude photo Ratings
  • Hot Video Groups / new videos daily
  • Erotic Confessions
  • Sexual Advice from Adults
  • 2 New Free Membership Options
  • uncensored adult chat rooms
  • uncensored nude photo galleries
  • everything you’ve always wanted in an adult social network – minus the corporate censors!

and of course, much, much more! We are adding new features every week to ensure that this is the best adults social community on the internet!