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Change profile pic

Hot to change your profile picture.

The steps below are just for your profile pic. If you just want to upload / share pics and videos to your profile / activity / album / etc – then read about that here:

This is shown using desktop computer. sizing and layout will be different on different sized screens. The drop to select cropping size may different with mobile devices as well. Hopefully this quick tutorial will give you enough info to easily find how to change the profile picture. If you find things are different when using your device, please share in the comments below to help others.

1 – Click change profile photo

2 – Either drag and drop a pic into the box below, or click “select your file” and it will open a window to file explore on your device.


The image will load in a box with “crop to size handles” – and another preview of the cropped image below that.

3 – Drag the corner of the square to change the size of the final cropped pic.

4 – Click “crop image”

It should now be saved and become your new profile photo.


Block user feature

If someone is sending you unwanted messages or annoying you in some other way, simply click their profile and click the block button.

When you block another user they:

cannot see any of your activity on the site.
cannot send or reply to a message – they will get a custom error notice
cannot visit your profile page – they will be sent to the home page
cannot see you on the Members page or a Group Members page
cannot send you a friendship request
will no longer be your friend, if that friendship existed

This is brand new code and we can not guarantee that everything is going to work properly, so use with caution. Do not count no the block or mute functions work as expected. We hope they do though!
Since these are new features we are looking for feedback if anything gets messed up – these are beta testing things, hopefully they work great and don’t mess anything else up! At this point we hope to keep these features, but if something doesn’t work right we may need to pull this code and try something else at another time.

The ability to block annoying users has been requested from several members, and it’s something we have had on our to do list for way too long. Hopefully people will not need to use these features very often, but those who do want them I hope it makes the site a better experience for you! We are always looking for ways to make things better here, sometimes it takes much longer than we planned to make these changes – but we are working on this thing every day.

Hopefully these updates make the site better for everyone, and easier to customize your own experience here.

The mite feature was tested for a day and has become a work in future progress.

Planning to make a more complete “how-to” page for these features showing some of the other details about them. For now these features are available to test.

How to add pics, videos to groups

As a group user you can add pics and videos using the method below.
Original / Initial Post from July 31, 2015 admin
The media upload button is currently in an awkward place – for a long time I did not even know it was there! With our current theme and media handling plugin thing the media upload button is on the lower left of the “what’s new username” box. Once you click it, a window should pop up showing file folders on your computer to select a picture (or audio file / video file) to upload and post to the group “wall” / activity feed.

Note about video uploads!

– As of this writing, our system only works with “mp4” videos. Other video formats may still upload, but they will not play properly. Some will give others the chance to click to download – but they will not play in the browser. Soon we hope to have a video converter thing that will take most video formats and convert them on our web server into the proper mp4 format so others can enjoy them on the site.

Also, since some videos are quite large (And audio files as well) – some people may get a weird issue with the file being too large. That’s something we’ll get into in another post.

This how to tutorial is for using the media upload option in the groups activity / wall. Adding pics and other media to your profile is a bit different. There is a how-to for that here: How to add pictures, mp4 videos, media to your profile

Groups Cover Photos

Dec 9 2015 Update – latest site code now allows for groups (and profiles) to have “cover photos” – a big pic near the top similar to what you see at places like facebook. Someone needs to make a graphic tutorial on how to use this new cover photo upload option. For now know it should be an option around there somewhere if you are the group creator / group admin at this time.

Profiles Advanced Search

Added a new option for advanced searching profiles. On the members tab.

You can choose to search by State by selecting one of the “radio buttons” next to a state, or you can not choose to include state in the search by not selecting any.

You can type in a country name, or leave that field blank.

You can choose to search by Sex, male, female, couple, trans, gay / lesbian couple, etc. Or leave that blank.


This is something several members have asked about, and something we tried to implement long ago. Currently the advanced search will allow people to search within a few fields / selectors. We plan to add new profile fields for everyone in the future, which will make the advanced search more powerful.

If you want to search for other terms, just use the standard members search box on the members page like this:


If you’d like other people around the world to find you and your interests, perhaps you should create a group. Create a new group like “Texas Swingers Sex” – and others will be able to find you there.

Maybe we should create some more groups within the system rather than waiting for others to create groups for the various countries and states.

We should also add some new profile fields – like “Interested in:” and listing random sexy things to make it easier to show others what you are into, and make it easier to search. What would those things be? Sex. Group Sex. Kinky Sex. Oral Sex. Long walks on the beach. Swinging, wife swap, couples, bi curious, okay this is going to take another page to make this list I think.

Ideas always welcome! It’s been an interesting experiment to see what people have chosen to use and create around here that’s for sure!

How to add pics / media to your blog aka site

This tutorial page is for those who have elected to create their own “site” aka blog /space. Not all users elected to create a “site” when they signed up. If you just want to add pictures or videos to your profile, without creating a separate blog.. then you can follow the tutorial here:
Click here for the “how to” – adding pictures or videos to your profile. (without creating a blog / site)

It is easy to add pictures to your blog posts (aka pages on your “site”) here. There are lots of options for many cool things, but this first tutorial will be a quick how to, without going into too many of the awesome options that are available to you. We plan to make some more how to post tutorials and maybe some screen capture videos showing how to add writings, pictures, videos, and audio to your space.

Quick how to add pictures to your blog / site:





add picshow-tomediapicsupload picsvideo

How to add pictures, mp4 videos, media to your profile

There are many different ways to add pictures or videos here. You could add media to your own blog / site, add “docs” to groups, and other ways to upload and share pics and videos. The most common way people add pictures and videos (videos must be in mp4 format!) here is to their profile with the media tab.

Hover over your screen name in the top right corner of the screen (Howdy Screen name) – the drag your mouse down to media, click on photos..
this will take you to your profile, and the sub tab for your media. Around the middle of the screen is “Upload Media” – click that.

Once you have found this, there are other ways to get to the same screen, and more ways to add pictures and videos here. I’ll post about other methods at another time.

When you add pictures to your profile via the media tab, they will normally show up in the activity stream that most see on the main site pages.

Adding a picture, video or audio clip to “groups” activity / wall is a bit different. There is a new quick “how-to” on doing that here: How to add pics, videos to groups
How to add pics, videos to groups