Change profile pic

Hot to change your profile picture.

The steps below are just for your profile pic. If you just want to upload / share pics and videos to your profile / activity / album / etc – then read about that here:

This is shown using desktop computer. sizing and layout will be different on different sized screens. The drop to select cropping size may different with mobile devices as well. Hopefully this quick tutorial will give you enough info to easily find how to change the profile picture. If you find things are different when using your device, please share in the comments below to help others.

1 – Click change profile photo

2 – Either drag and drop a pic into the box below, or click “select your file” and it will open a window to file explore on your device.


The image will load in a box with “crop to size handles” – and another preview of the cropped image below that.

3 – Drag the corner of the square to change the size of the final cropped pic.

4 – Click “crop image”

It should now be saved and become your new profile photo.


18 thoughts on “Change profile pic”

  1. This is very confusing. It should be simple to post a photo. You make it impossible.

  2. I keep trying to add pics but nothing happens. Is there a waiting period? I agree with previous post it is very confusing. I’ve noticed a lot of other people have no pics too.

  3. @ejackswing – we fixed the picture upload errors some hours ago I think. Have you tried to add a photo and it still won’t work?
    Is there an error message?
    What device are you using and what browser?

  4. I can’t upload a new profile pic for quite some time now even after cropping before trying to post.
    Please kindly fix this up since it’s pissing and makes us wanna leave with no uploads

  5. @desiredone95 – is this with an apple device? (iphone, ipad, macbook etc)?

    what browser are you using?

    is there an error message?

    profile pics should not be a problem – videos are still a problem – but that’s a while ‘nother codebase.

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