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We prefer that registered members send a private on site message to the admin – as this is more secure for your message in transit as opposed to email messages.

If there is some reason that you can not get a private message to the admin as a registered and logged in member, then you can use this contact form below to get a message to the site admin.

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    I try to check messages at least once a day, but sometimes it may be a few days before I get messages in regards to things with this site.

    While you are waiting for your message to be delivered and get read, I encourage you to make yourself familiar with our site rules / terms of service, and how to use the “block user” button – as that fixes a majority of issues.

    We are working to make our block user system better, and add other enhancements in the near future, including updating / adding to our rules and terms of service.

    If you have suggestions about anything, I’d love to hear from you.


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