Edited many user blogs today

We had to run through and clean house of a bunch of blogs this week. In the process we deleted hundreds of blogs that were not being used, and edited some of the user blogs on site here as well.

A few blogs received some quick spelling error fixes courtesy of our over-achieving blog checker – if that bothers the few of you that had that happen, we apologize for doing so! Very few blogs had any of thier content edited, most of the changes to user blogs had to do with some minor settings, and adding a profile link in the widgetized sidebar to make it easier for people who find your blog, to find your profile and connect. There were some other important changes as well.

Many of the blog hosted on adults only space had some of the comment settings changed to only allow registered, logged in users to make comments. This is an effort to reduce the amount of spam comments that some of the blogs here have received. This should become the default setting in the near future.

Many blogs were deleted as well. If you had setup a blog, but not made any posts to it, it was most likely deleted. You can still create a new blog, but we ask that anyone who does so makes some original posts to them. Some users who had setup blogs that were based upon spamming were also deleted.

We will be making some updates to the rules here that specifies some of our quality guidelines for blogging here, and some of the other changes that we are working on in the near future.

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  1. In an effort to reduce the amount of spam user signups, we also deleted more than 1,000 user accounts in this process. If you account was deleted – we apologize for that! I am pretty sure we only removed spam user accounts, however deleting so many accounts, it could be possible that we erased one or two that were not spammers. I would bet that every account we got rid of was indeed only set up for nefarious reasons however. We even saved a few accounts that might be considered spam of one type or another – but rather delete them outright, we did some edits to add nofollow to blog links so that our site is not giving away our precious link votes purely to an affiliate site.

    If anyone has any questions about all this, let me know.

  2. There may have been some additional edits to a few blogs during this round of clean up. Some blogs ma have had a different theme applied to correct any errors or sizing issues. Some may have had blogrolls deleted, or sidebar widgets replaced. Most of these edits were made to make the users blogs more readable, and to remove anything caused issues with how things were displayed. Very few had any content editing – aside from some removal of pictures that were no longer functional, and a few gratuitous spelling fixes on a couple of blogs.

    Most blogs did not receive any kind of content editing aside from sidebar re-arranging.

  3. Fuck! During the update process, we inadvertently deleted 20 user’s blogs that were not intended to be deleted! If your blog was deleted between 10pm and midnight EST – it might have been a mistake! I hope you have downloaded an export / backup of your posts! We have our fingers crossed that there is a backup database in which we might be able to rebuild your blog. Even if this is possible, which at this point we are not sure it is… we would still lost all images from any blog posts.

    Deleting five thousand inactive and spam blogs might have gotten an extra 20 good blogs that we did not intend to get erased. Sorry folks, we are trying to find a way to fix this. Fingers crossed!

  4. List of users who’s blogs were deleted by accident:

    If you had exported a backup, it will be easy to restore your blog.

    We are not sure if it will be possible to undo these deletions at this time.

    My sincere apologies to those who were accidentally affected by this major inactive blog purge. The users listed above were not intended to be included the massive deletion operation. If anything changes, will post updates!

  5. For the users who had their blogs deleted by accident, again, sorry for this big time!

    We have a chance of being again to get some of the data – the words of the posts anyhow – from a backup file – but not sure about that yet. Right now the chances seem to be about 20 percent. We had tried from two other backups – but come to find out our database system was so huge, that those two backups completely failed; they never completed the backup process that we thought they would automatically a week ago. Right now things don’t look good for restoring any backup data, but we have one more thing to try, and fingers crossed we can make it work within the next 48 hours.

    If you are one of the people listed above that had your blog deleted, and you do NOT want us to try to restore your data, please send me a message and let me know – it would save me a ton of time!

  6. Well folks, it looks like those who had their blogs deleted by accident are out of luck if you did not export your own backup. We have tried and tried to pull information from out automated server backups which run every few days – but those efforts have failed. Unfortunately our auto-backup plan failed because we had way too many fake blogs and thousands of spam comments that were waiting to be deleted. The database itself was simply too large for a decent backup to get created. We tried to salvage the good blogs when deleted the old ones, but we had a major fail.

    We are looking into ways to save this from happening in the future. Our recent database cleanup has made things leaner, and that will help prevent things like this in the future, but we are also looking into other things that can be done to make it so that our user’s blogs are double protected in the future. We will also post backup suggestions for everyone, and a tutorial on how easy it is for you to export your data and keep a backup somewhere.

    There is some good news with the latest purge however. The site should be running faster, there are less fake profiles and blogs on the system. Backups will run better in the future. Now when you create a new blog, we have setup a convenient auto-template system, along with some new default settings that will keep your blog not only looking good right from the start, but also better at handling comments that some bots have tried to send in the past, and some other goodies. You can see these new settings and theme by created a new adults only space blog today!

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