Facebook drama news this week

Seeing tons of bad press for facebook this week. Just read an article at one of the major US news sites talking about alternatives to facebook that do not sell your data to third parties. Funny that article basicly listed a few alternatives that DO share your data.

Sad that they did not mention us here at Adults Only Space. We have been the very anti-facebook money model since we started years ago.

Glad to see people waking up to the bad uses of their intimate data via facebook, and hopefully people will realize even more that sharing any info online can lead to it being used against you. Not sure that everyone will ever know and understand the full extent of how much data is actually being collected in so many ways. IT would be good to give people more concrete examples of how combining that data and putting in certain lights could have it used against you and others that you care about in ways that you never considered before.

Oh, we need more examples beyond influencing people’s votes for elections, there should be so many more examples for people to understand.

So many of these portals sell you and your info and habits to third parties who use the data to display ads that try to convince you to do things that you were not going to do before your data was used to display these things.

think about that for a bit.

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