Fixed – blog pic uploads and chat

Good news! Picture uploads now work again in the blog posts, so if you created a blog or “site” when you signed up, you can now easily add pictures, and picture galleries in blog posts. New blogs posts from everyone should also show up in the sidebar on several pages – so for those of you enjoy others reading your writings and checking out pics, now is a good time to show off and get some extra attention that way!

sexy-big-boobs-fishnet-beach-cc courtesy Arte y Fotografía

We also changed out our chat room feature – we upgraded and had some issues, so we replaced the old chat room script with a new one. It’s still in the new phase, so it’s not perfect yet, but at least we have that page working again! It’s a bit slower than we had anticipated – but we’ll see how it holds up. If anyone has any suggestions for problems with the new chat rooms please let us know! Surely we will get around to updating it more in the future, especially if it gets lots of interest.

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