fixing videos issues

We are working on fixing the issues that some are having with uploading videos and other are having with viewing them. It’s been such a strange issue; viewing vids works on some devices and not others, while uploading videos has become a similarly weird thing as well. we’ve spent a lot of time trying to hash out what the issues could be, and it looks like we are closer to getting the issue resolved.

Our coding partners have finally been able to see the exact errors that our premium video converter thing was pulling – so now they are onto re-creating the issue in their lab and should be figuring out a solution soon, hopefully this week.

Sincere apologies and much appreciation to all of you that have encountered issues with the videos here! we have been trying to get all this working right. Lots of people chimed in with issues and many were willing to explain what device they were using and which browser. Some people even took the time to download other web browsers like mobile firefox to see if the issue persisted when using the same device. In a few cases we found that the firefox browser would play some videos on a mobile device when other browsers would not – but that was not the only issue apparently.

Good news is we have been able to zero in on a couple of errors and should be coming up with a solution soon!

Now if we can just get this video thing all fixed up, next I will spend some time and money working on the planned upgrade to our chat rooms system.

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  1. @fathead – using an apple device like an ipad / iphone / mac or macbook? – these still have a weird issue with videos here.

    I will poke some coding folks to work on this a bit this next week and see if we can make progress with it though.

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