Flickr sold out we might be an alternative

Recent news says that yahoo sold flickr, which is really meaning the Oath / Verizon group that had bought yahoo recently has sold Flickr to SmugMug, which at first I cheered. I was happy to see Verizon losing flickr as it made it’s revamp of privacy policies and data sharing more prominent in yahoo mail and other services recently.

I’ve always loved Flickr, it has been a sort of bastion of excellence not just with photos, but with being a social network and one that kind of made little groups and little friends around random water coolers of subjects easily. It also had screen names instead of the stupid real name policy that some places have.

Flickr is a great place to store photos online, and to choose your sharing options with others and the world. A great place to find other photos and art that people have chosen to release to reuse by others with various CC / creative commons licensing. So many great uses for Flickr, it’s kind of a shame that so many people likely tried to keep it a secret and not tell all their friends and family about it. I am guessing on this last part.

There has always been a decent amount of nude photos and nude VR pics / computer art find-able via flickr, and many groups of friends and fans that came together to share more.

Unfortunately this may change with the buyout by SmugMug – as someone pointed me to the terms of service that SmugMug has:

User Content that is unlawful, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, lewd, sexually suggestive, hateful, harassing, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, fraudulent or otherwise objectionable or harmful, including without limitation: Photos, Videos or other User Content containing nudity that would be unacceptable in a public museum where minors visit;


This is seriously devastating for me and likely for many others. There were so many groups, some public and with many members, some private, that were joined together by the love for sharing erotic art. Some had come together to share gay and lesbian photography, and so many other niche things.

A place where you could find others who were sharing similar interests that are not well received in the mainstream facebook world, and they may now be censored?! O.M.G.

So, we have space here, adults only space has photo uploads… the videos thing is a work in progress. We have groups, and we have some of the options like no real names needed, and some privacy choices for media uploads, so people could come here to congregate and share erotic art, nude photography, selfies, all that jazz.

I know that Flickr had a good export photos option, I assume that will still be available.

cnet article on how to download your flickr photos –

So people can upload some pics here. We certainly do not have the kind of storage space that flicker company has at their disposal. So we won’t be able to have people uploading hundreds of gigabytes of pics here, not anytime soon. But you could certainly share smaller pics, or less of them and get some groups going.

We’ll look at expanding the storage space options if there is a lot of people asking for that and we can find some ways to get some sponsorship for storage or pro accounts or some other kind of funding for the bigger server hard drives.

We do not allow pictures of anyone under 18, so we are not a good alternative for people who want to share all their family photos and stuff.

It may be a good option for people to simply get their own web server up and running and share photos that way. Backups are the current challenge, but some hosting companies offer auto backup options. There are all kinds of free file uploading scripts that can be deployed with a couple of clicks. Would be easy to setup a little site to share pics with family and another site to share pics with friends.

Maybe SmugMug will not force flickr into the same censoring that they have been running with for all these years. We’ll see.

More on these things later.

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