How to add pics / media to your blog aka site

This tutorial page is for those who have elected to create their own “site” aka blog /space. Not all users elected to create a “site” when they signed up. If you just want to add pictures or videos to your profile, without creating a separate blog.. then you can follow the tutorial here:
Click here for the “how to” – adding pictures or videos to your profile. (without creating a blog / site)

It is easy to add pictures to your blog posts (aka pages on your “site”) here. There are lots of options for many cool things, but this first tutorial will be a quick how to, without going into too many of the awesome options that are available to you. We plan to make some more how to post tutorials and maybe some screen capture videos showing how to add writings, pictures, videos, and audio to your space.

Quick how to add pictures to your blog / site:





add picshow-tomediapicsupload picsvideo

12 thoughts on “How to add pics / media to your blog aka site”

  1. even though my video files have mp4 type which is allowed file type, but I couldn’t upload them on my site.
    There are error message; “Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.”
    How can I fix it?

  2. @webnasty2 – for the time being, I normally add a pic to the gallery.. then send a message with link to that pic.. so like.. a private message with see my new pic:

    I am considering changing this media handling component to a new pics / videos thing – so that may change eventually.

    pics were an ‘addon’ when this thing started.. of course they are top important now.. but how all the code meshes together is not the best at the moment.. so we may change it up completely.

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