How to add pictures, mp4 videos, media to your profile

There are many different ways to add pictures or videos here. You could add media to your own blog / site, add “docs” to groups, and other ways to upload and share pics and videos. The most common way people add pictures and videos (videos must be in mp4 format!) here is to their profile with the media tab.

Hover over your screen name in the top right corner of the screen (Howdy Screen name) – the drag your mouse down to media, click on photos..
this will take you to your profile, and the sub tab for your media. Around the middle of the screen is “Upload Media” – click that.

Once you have found this, there are other ways to get to the same screen, and more ways to add pictures and videos here. I’ll post about other methods at another time.

When you add pictures to your profile via the media tab, they will normally show up in the activity stream that most see on the main site pages.

Adding a picture, video or audio clip to “groups” activity / wall is a bit different. There is a new quick “how-to” on doing that here: How to add pics, videos to groups
How to add pics, videos to groups

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  1. @rusky – to messages, like to private messages?
    I’m not sure we have added that option – but I have seen some code discussed that would add that feature – just can’t remember exactly where I saw that discussion at the moment.

    as far as adding pics to your profile and such, that is easy – and I guess you could right click and copy the image url.. then post that in a private message and people could click that to come to your album and see a pic right now.

  2. I have a blackberry and wish I didn and I am changing that today for the most user friendly and fast and with very good features samsung galaxy u can video edit even take still photos from video instantly upload and keep the quality

  3. I’m not able to upload any pics or video with my phone anywhere. In group or on my wall or page not sure why. Anyone know what to do? Or do you need a PC to upload?

  4. @pally3306 – our system does not handle pics and videos with apple / ios devices sadly. So iphones, ipads and the like will not be able to do most things with video and pics. It’s a problem we may work on again in 2019, but not sure if we can.

  5. @beefy and @flasha – I did some udpates tonight – can you give another try and let me know?

    I plan some more updates faster next round if still issues we’re gonna keep trying to find the bug!

  6. This may have been covered else where but I have a question about what video size and what format size do my videos have to me for me to put on here

  7. This may have been covered else where but I have a question about what video size and what format size do my videos have to me for me to put on here and what is the maximum mg that can be added

  8. @hadoss – good question! I don’t have an exact asnwer at the moment.. the code blocks we have that handle images and videos was done by a group a while back and we paid extra for this converter thing..
    well it’s no longer working exactly the way it was.. and the group that we paid for this coolness has decided that they can not work with adult related sites anymore..
    so it’s a mess..
    try a 5 minute video maybe and then 10.. Im not sure if the converter thing will convert it, or if it will just take it is it was uploaded..
    okay wait.. we may have a limit of about 150MB right now..

    these things could change for different reasons..

    also not sure if we fixed the ios / apple iphone / ipad issues with videos yet.. no one has messaged me about testing that since our last major update.

  9. @scott2020 – is it a windows desktop? Is there an error message displayed? What web browser?
    Videos might be totally broken with the latest patch we put up – so more info needed for a deeper dive into this.

  10. Hi, I am having difficulty uploading a couple of pics from my Android phone. I have tried multiple browsers and also tried requesting the desktop site, which often fixes issues with phones, but no luck. Any ideas??
    Thank you!!

  11. @nchornymike – I just send you a private message in regards to this. When you get a chance to go through that let me know – I could post the same thing here on the public page, but maybe we can sort some possible issues first and then post here possible fixes / problems it could of been.

    hopefully we get this sorted soon.

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