Major Crash – lost 9,000 members data

We had a major database crash. We are trying to pull some stuff from backups, but it looks like our backups had the crashed code within them.
We may not be able to get the data back. We are still trying – but it does not look good at this time.

Right now everything is back like how it was about a year ago – losing the data of about 9,000 members.. site blog posts.. all kinds of shit I can’t even think of right now.

This major sucks!

Trying to fix what is here.. still trying to get crashed backup repaired somehow.. going to have to think real hard about all the custom modifications that we did over the last year and how to re-deply them.. Thinking really hard how to make a thid backup system and how to test that it actually works.

Let this be a lesson for everyone else I guess – make a backup of you precious files.. pics and stuff – you never know when your system will crash and your backup plan may not work right.

This fucking sucks!

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