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    My wife got real exited one time when taking a pee behind some bushes when we were walking in some woods, as she squatted there pulling her thong to one side a forester appeared right in front of her, mid 30s guy she said, tugged good looks, just stared at her and rubbing his crotch suggestively, I was 40-50 metres away on the bridle path unaware until she told me afterwards, she said she finished her pee but in the moment just began friggin herself with two fingers fast as she watched him rubbing his now erect bulge, she said she whispered “ssssshow me” he looked at her harder and she said again “quickly my husband will be wondering where I am” he unzipped and out it popped, thick n veiny with a purple glistening helmet, she reached up with her free hand as she continued friggin herself off, he had to step forwards so she could reach his cock, she tugged him a few times then pulled him closer still and he began to come, she quickly closed her mouth over him and took his shot, had to leave her pussy alone and hold his legs to stop herself toppling over as he fucked her eager mouth frantically , when she returned to me she was red faced and trembling, just muttered “that was an ordeal” then few minutes down the bridle path whispered what had occurred and took me quickly into a copse area to finish her off

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