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    I have a funny story, about 10 years ago we were at my husband’s friend’s house, we smoked a lot of weed after a lot of drinking, I got really horny, and started making out with one of the guys, and went from lap to lap, I was so wet, I stripped down, and so did the all the guys, except my husband, they were all taking turns on me, I was on my hands and knees, and all of a sudden I felt a big tongue lick my cum filled pussy and asshole,I pushed the dog away, and he came back and mounted me, the guys were cheering and I said what the fuck, and his shepherd pushed his weird dog dick into my stretched out pussy, and was pumping away, I felt his balloon knot, than his cum shooting into me, the dog dismounted me, and I squatted over my wimp husbands face, and he licked the dog,and the guys cum from my pussy, after the first round of fucking we took a break and smoked more, I was sitting on the couch and the dog came back, I slid my ass to the edge of the couch and pulled my legs back ,and the dog lapped at my pussy for a while, I almost came, and the dog walked away, I made my husband finish eating me till I came, he than washed my pussy with a washcloth, and the guys went back to fucking my shared whore pussy, I loved every minute of it

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