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    One of my friends was dealing with a stalker in school. Some annoying guy couldn’t take no for an answer and kept chasing her, as if she is compelled to submit to his will. That was embarrassing for her, especially since he lied to everyone about being her boyfriend.

    We made a plan to teach him a lesson. We were 3 girls: me, the girl and another friend.

    She pretended to have changed her mind about him, told him she has feeling and wants him to be her boyfriend. The stupid guy bought her act!

    She invited him to her house on a day her parents were away, while we were waiting for him.

    We prepared the house, removed the breakable objects from the room we had set as a trap and closed his escape routes.

    The guy thought he is going to score, not knowing he is walking into a trap!

    My friend greeted him at the door and invited him to the room. She acted so professional. The guy couldn’t even imagine what was waiting for him.

    When the moment was right, I entered the room along with another friend, locking the door behind us. The guy was shocked and asked what is going on. I replied:

    “You are going to learn some manners, that’s what’s going on. You think you can harass a girl and get away with it? She said no every time you approached her, but you don’t get the meaning of no do you? So guess what asshole, we are going to forget the meaning of no today. Now pants down!”

    His face lost color when he learned what was awaiting him.

    I was physically stronger than him and the other girls were average. He tried to escape but I grabbed and kicked him in his balls with my knee. He fell to the ground and I held him down, while the other girls began undressing him. We had trouble removing his pants, so I pulled his hands from one side and another girl pulled his legs from the other side, while the girl he had harassed removed his pants and underpants, revealing his tiny little dick.

    We released him and he tried desperately to cover himself.

    I ordered him to remove his hands from his crotch and lie down on his back. I had brought a piece of hose to use as a whip, so when he hesitated, I whipped his ass so hard that he screamed and followed my order.

    “You don’t deserve a girl. I’ll show you what you deserve. Grab that tiny dick and start masturbating.”

    My friend took out her phone and started filming him. He made one final attempt to escape, but a swift kick in the balls threw him on the ground again.

    He had no other choice but to submit, which he did. He began stroking his dick in front of us. I ordered him to moan for us and use his other hand to play with his tits (he had large man tits).

    It took him 20 minutes to cum, during which we filmed and constantly mocked him.

    We didn’t want any stain on the carpet, so one of the girls threw him a paper towel to wipe his dick with it. After he did that, I took the paper towel back and smudged his cum on his body and face.

    We were not done yet. I ordered him to get on his hands and knees, pretty much like a cow. I sat next to him, grabbed his large man tits and began squeezing them, while I ordered him to moo for me loudly, as if I was milking a cow!

    My friend filmed us like that and the other two girls took turns doing and filming it.

    After that we made him kiss our asses and I rubbed his face between my legs.

    When we were finally done, we gave him back his clothes, except his underpants, which we kept as a trophy. We threatened to publicize those humiliating clips if he told anyone or harassed a girl again, and sent him home crying.

    We spent the rest of the evening watching the clips we had made on a large screen TV and cheering.

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