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although Im looking for marriage and kids.right now while single I’m willing to do anything so any girls in uk preferably below 30 but ill go to 35 maximum and obviously over the age of 16 for legal and moral reasons as I’m 29. I’m Happy to have a one night stand or even affair if a girl/woman is married.but I would prefer to find a single girl to marry have kids with and settle down.i don’t drive so anyone wanting it to happen quick will have to drive or live in north England or south Scotland at a push.but if there’s no rush then I can travel to most of England/Wales/Scotland by train although north Scotland and south England is pushing it a bit just for a night,as much as I do love trains happy to go with anyone of any height or weight although im around 4ft 8 and leas than 8 stone.ive been with a girl size 18 before ,been with a girl with mental illness and had sex with a girl who was in a wheelchair and couldn’t walk and I’m willing to do any of that again.i am not superficial and don’t judge.i have scoliosis myself hence my size for my age.and although I’ve only dated or had sex with white girls I’m also comfortable with any colour or nationality,I’d particularly love to spend some time with an Asian or oriental girl.


I’m 29 and have scoliosis.recently just been dumped by a girl in a wheelchair,also in the past I was dumped by a girl who weighed about 3 times more than me.ive also been dumped in the past by girls with mental illnesses so clearly I’m not very lucky in love as although I’m not a catch myself which I admit,to be dumped by girls who were single before me and stayed single for ages after is just humiliating as it means they’d rather be alone than be with me.i even had 2 girls dump me for another girl so I turned them lesbian.despite the 2 girls I’ve had sex with wanting it again and clearly enjoying it,and no I don’t mean noises they could fake.all I want is to find a lovely girl to settle with,regardless if physical or mental conditions,regardless if size,color or nationality.aslong as I find a girl who treats me right and doesn’t just use me or expect me to jump through hoops agreeing to all their rules then when I do one little thing one treating me like I’m horrible or just belittle me by treating me like they are in charge,I want a girl equal to me not in charge of me then ill be very not one for barbie looks or anything superficial although I’d never refuse to date a girl that was like a barbie as Id never know how lovely or kind they might be,personality is all that matters,looks are a bonus.

with all that said,I’m looking for a quick hook up,one night stand etc just to help me get over being dumped as I know finding something long term won’t happen overnight and it will help me move on to start a proper relationship.any girl/woman under age of 35 will do ,aslong as they are over 16 of not into illegal stuff,I won’t even watch a free movie or download a free music track online haha

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