mobile media uploads broken?

We have gotten a few reports of picture uploads no longer working with (at least some) mobile devices. We’ve checked with the media handling coding peeps and it appears that the latest security update for our core system is causing some sort of weird error. For some it appears that pictures upload – then nothing shows up.

If you have this issue, and want to help us figure it out – please add a comment below and tell me what kind of device and which browser you are using. eg. Android Phone with Mobile Firefox, or iPad using Safari, or netbook using IE, or Android tablet using “stock” browser (The one that came with the phone that is NOT chrome) – or whatever setup you are using.


Our media sharing code partners are working to fix the issue – but I have no eta on when this will be resolved. Fingers crossed they can get things fixed up this week.

In the meantime we are also reaching out to some other code experts to see if we can have new ways of handling pictures, videos, albums and the like. We are looking for more modular ways to handle things with leaner and faster image handling.

We are also looking at ways to convert gif uploads into html5 videos that will load much faster than gifs, and should give the option to play, pause, stop, or simply not play at all – which will help some with page loading speed, scrolling pages, etc.

We are also working on a new media converter thing that should allow everyone to upload videos in different formats and have them convert to the needed mp4 format so they can display properly with our site software.

There are a few other goodies we have on the drawing board, some were are already testing, a few others we are reaching out to get some help putting all this together. Stay tuned for more cool things.

I wonder – if we had to choose between adding a thing that will let people record a short audio, or a video – which would get used more? People recording some sexy sounds and adding to their profile? Or maybe more people would use a webcam or phone cam and save a short video clip more often?

All these code addons take more time to put together (And money) than I every imagined – but I like to see the site growing, and give people more ways to share. So trying to make it all happen!

Hope everyone is enjoying the site features we currently have, and hope to have the mobile uploads thing fixed before long!

4 thoughts on “mobile media uploads broken?”

  1. Tried to upload and it doesn’t show the pics! Mobile huawei h892l browser app

  2. @rainy – I did some updates tonight, trying to find the bug.. give it another try – if not working still, please tell me type of phone you are using.

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