Pics and Videos Uploads Working Better

Several people were saying that pics and videos were not uploading properly. At first I thought this was a mobile device issue, but as more and more people were chiming in that large files were failing I did some digging. Found some settings that were changed a while back, but then got reverted when we had our big crash and rebuild in December. So I changed a couple of settings, and I think now uploads should work for pics and videos up to about 155MB.

I imagine there will be some folks who want to upload files larger than this, so I’ll keep an eye out for anything that has any issues with files larger than that. We have several options for handling things like this, but we may need to upgrade our web hosting server if lots of people start sharing huge videos like this. Of course I want people to be able to share awesome videos – so if we need to upgrade, or add in some kind of converter or splitter thing that may become an option.

For now I am focused on rebuilding our “how to” pages, and need to remake the graphics for the tutorials on how to do things like add pics and such. Of course if anyone wants to make some screen shots and graphics showing others how to use this place I’d love to see what others come up with. For now I think we fixed a majority of the issues with large pics and videos uploading.

4 thoughts on “Pics and Videos Uploads Working Better”

  1. @bjcook – it’s complicated, we may try to fix it again before end of year. There is a weird issues with how the iphones handled videos – both watching, and even uploading them – it’s just fails.

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