Site makeover today – some changes

We did an adults only space site makeover today. A pretty big change to many of the layout and graphical elements. This should make it easier to view more of what’s going on in the various parts of the adults only space social network. Adding things like recent group document / pictures uploads and more. We know the older users will be use to the old layout and may get a little confused when trying to navigate around, but I think after a few days we will all find more of whats going on around here and be able to find our favorite parts of the site just fine.

We took the little mini chat off the bottom right of the pages. It was convenient and kind of facebook-like, but it did slow down the page loads a little bit, and we still have the main chat room page open, so you can go there chat with other members there.

2 thoughts on “Site makeover today – some changes”

  1. hi im trying to join the site but it keeps saying something is required to be filled out under the password section. it doesnt say what information it is requiring though?

  2. Thank you for posting about this! I see that part of our form is broken. I am looking into the problem right now.

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