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You can also send a pm / private message to the admin account ->

Some people use the contact form which uses a form to create an email and get sent via the contact us page. The contact us page sends an email message which is nice for a semi=private way to get a message to us, but it’s not the preferred method.

It’s great to hear suggestions from everyone, however I think it’s best if we have a page here that has public comments and replies to others can see what has been suggested, any admin replies, and such. This page can also be a great place for us to come back to and look for reminders, kind of a log of to dos.

Sorting through my thousands of emails looking for the notes that people have sent… well let’s just say it’s not impossible, but it’s not as easy as collecting them all in the comments on this page and just clicking over to here.

11 thoughts on “Suggestions”

  1. I m interested in others in my erea who are truly interested in meeting up. Networking to identify those who match for sharing fantasies

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  2. Steve – Gratz on this site – your creation for all us sex starved people ! Ten out of Ten for sure !

    Is it possible to include the Australian states in the list of American ones ? (we only have 5 states and two territorys) It would enable us here “down under” to see who else is around locally. cheers from JerkIt.

  3. Steve – just an afterthought = if you are able to include the aussie states = please let all us “downunder” know so we can update our profiles. cheers again.

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  5. Can you include a feature which other sites have. Add a photo or video while your chatting with someone & I don’t mean in the chat room.

  6. Would really like to hear from/eventually meet anyone from Hamilton Ontario Canada or surrounding area, I’m a 49 yr old male. Check out my Media pics and 1 video in my profile and let me know if and when? I’d love to host or be a hotel guest. Message me for my email and phone number.

  7. Make it easier to add and share pics and videos in private messages, other than that I like the site.

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