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Few Updates for our Chat Rooms Today

Finally got to roll out some updates to the chat rooms systems that have been on the drawing board for a long time.Many of the changes we things in the backend admin area to keep the systems running faster and having less lag for people getting rooms list and current users listing.

Check out our on site chat rooms; click / tap here.

The change that many of our members may notice, and I hope you all love, is that older rooms will now be automatically removed from the rooms list. Basically if a room is created by one of the users and left empty for more than 24 hours then it will disappear from the rooms list.

This should make it easier for people who are entering the char rooms to find currently active rooms and not be overwhelmed by hundreds of old rooms that have not been used in a long time.

Of course this also means that those of you who wanted to make a room once and have it there day after day and week after week as a regular meetup and hangout area, you will need to remake or recreate the room on a daily basis, although in some cases if the room is used regularly it may stay in the system longer than other rooms that were made and used once days ago.

Seriously appreciate those who send me contact messages when there are any glitches with the chat system! I wouldn’t know there were issues if I didn’t get those messages from you all!

Hopefully these recent updates will keep the system running smoother and faster for longer times, and we can work on other features without worrying about the chats for a while!