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New Sex Acts Interests for Profiles

Testing out an option to add sex acts that people find interesting, enjoyable or curious about, to the profiles. Just added as an optional set of checkboxes that people can select. These are the first ones that came to mind:

Sex Acts

Anal Play
BDSM (in general)
Blow Jobs
Pussy Eating / Cunnilingus
Role Play
Erotic Stories
Dirty Talk
Watching / Being Watched / Voyeur
Sex Toys / Dildos / Objects
Hand Jobs / Finger Fucking
Swinging / Partner Sharing / Swapping
Sex w Cock and Pussy (general hetero sex)
Bisexual Sex – Girl w Girl
Bisexual Sex – Guy w Guy
Gay Men Sex
Lesbian / Gay Women Sex
Group Sex or Gangbangs
Rough Sex
Public Naughtiness
Spanking or SnM

Obviously there are many more in the world, many of these should probably have some kind of flyout sub group of categories to check off as well. This should be a decent start anyway.

What sex acts should we add to this list?

Add your comments in the comment box below, or send me a pm (@admin)

If enough people use these checkboxes, it may make it easier to find people that are interested in similar things.

These should show up as an option for all new members when they register, and should be an option to add for existing members when they ‘edit profile’

Also adds a new text box for “Interests” for profiles as well.

the interests box will turn words into searchable / clickable items eventually. So having more than one person who adds “beach” to their interests text box will make that term a clickable / searchable term.

These are currently testing features – hopefully they are helpful to everyone. Enjoy!