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How to add pics, videos to groups

As a group user you can add pics and videos using the method below.
Original / Initial Post from July 31, 2015 admin
The media upload button is currently in an awkward place – for a long time I did not even know it was there! With our current theme and media handling plugin thing the media upload button is on the lower left of the “what’s new username” box. Once you click it, a window should pop up showing file folders on your computer to select a picture (or audio file / video file) to upload and post to the group “wall” / activity feed.

Note about video uploads!

– As of this writing, our system only works with “mp4” videos. Other video formats may still upload, but they will not play properly. Some will give others the chance to click to download – but they will not play in the browser. Soon we hope to have a video converter thing that will take most video formats and convert them on our web server into the proper mp4 format so others can enjoy them on the site.

Also, since some videos are quite large (And audio files as well) – some people may get a weird issue with the file being too large. That’s something we’ll get into in another post.

This how to tutorial is for using the media upload option in the groups activity / wall. Adding pics and other media to your profile is a bit different. There is a how-to for that here: How to add pictures, mp4 videos, media to your profile

Groups Cover Photos

Dec 9 2015 Update – latest site code now allows for groups (and profiles) to have “cover photos” – a big pic near the top similar to what you see at places like facebook. Someone needs to make a graphic tutorial on how to use this new cover photo upload option. For now know it should be an option around there somewhere if you are the group creator / group admin at this time.