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How to add pictures, mp4 videos, media to your profile

There are many different ways to add pictures or videos here. You could add media to your own blog / site, add “docs” to groups, and other ways to upload and share pics and videos. The most common way people add pictures and videos (videos must be in mp4 format!) here is to their profile with the media tab.

Hover over your screen name in the top right corner of the screen (Howdy Screen name) – the drag your mouse down to media, click on photos..
this will take you to your profile, and the sub tab for your media. Around the middle of the screen is “Upload Media” – click that.

Once you have found this, there are other ways to get to the same screen, and more ways to add pictures and videos here. I’ll post about other methods at another time.

When you add pictures to your profile via the media tab, they will normally show up in the activity stream that most see on the main site pages.

Adding a picture, video or audio clip to “groups” activity / wall is a bit different. There is a new quick “how-to” on doing that here: How to add pics, videos to groups
How to add pics, videos to groups

Album and picture upload added

We added the albums and pictures uploads for all users. We have had some limited testing with this addon, and it appears to work basically. At this time we consider this to be a beta test of the picture upload and album features. It could break at some point, so please do not upload any pictures that you would not want to be show to the general public. There is no guarantee that any privacy settings will function now, or with future updates of the site software.

We really hope that the album plugin creator will continue to update this awesome additional to the community. We can not guarantee that it will function uninterrupted, so please make backups of your pictures, as future updates could break the code that displays your photos and albums. We have had similar issues with upgrades in the past, we hope our fellow programmers do not have this happen again.

Enjoy the new picture uploads and album features, again please do not upload pics that you would not want the general public to see, as we have not fully tested any of the privacy features, and we are not sure this album addon plugin will work without breaking when we updates the code for the main site functions.

We are hoping to have upgraded picture uploading in the future, so look for more features this year!