Testing new design 08-31

We are testing a new design to see if and what people may like better about this one.

We are also testing to see if this design plays better with our web server memory issues.

We will be testing the pictures / videos uploader thing to see if it works with this new design, and if it works better when people try to upload using mobile devices like chomre on android or whatever it is that apple offers on ipad / iphone.

Any pictures or other media that you upload over the next couple of days MAY BE LOST when get this media handler thing changed / updated. As much as we all enjoy sharing pics, please make a backup of any photos you add, as the photo storage currently in use is temporary while we try to fix this mess.

The pictures / videos / media uploader and gallery viewer is acting crazy with our latest security update. We have two different teams of people trying to figure out if we need to change our security update or update the picture and video thing. This is crazy!

If you are having trouble with picture uploads using a mobile device, please post a comment on this page here:
Please include what kind of device (eg Android, Ipad, etc) – also include what browser you are using (chrome, mobile firefox, etc)

Anyhow over the next couple days we hope to figure it out. During the next couple of days you may see pictures disappearing and the ability to upload changing. We may try a new picture upload system which is supposed to work well, but if we move to that one, then most of the old pics and videos may not work.

Some of you may have noticed that some hours of the day or night there may be a new menu option when you hover over your screen name in the top right -” “Gallery” – if you see that, then this is the new pic thing we are testing.
We are tying to find a way to get the old one working right, and the new one tested, and trying to find a way to deploy both media upload / gallery viewer things at the same time. IT would make for a great threesome if we can get them to all play well together; hold tight and we’ll see!