Testing new look for AOS

August 24, 2015 34 Comments
I hope things looking so different is not a major shock to our regular users, and I am not sure that this new look is what we are going to stick with, so bare with me for a few days while we test some things out.

This post answers many questions, and was published with our first design change in 2015 – we are testing a different new look started Aug 31 -details about that here.

Why the new look?

I liked the old one, and I may modify this new theme / design to have more of the look of our previous design, so it’s not finished yet. The main reason for such a drastic change is to test for some features that may not work with our old design. With updates to our main system, some of our “plugin things” have been acting weird (like picture uploads with mobile devices) – so we may have to retire our old design / theme in order to keep up with the latest code updates of the main system.

I liked this or that better with the previous design.
Please tell me what you liked better or miss with the new design. I liked having the side info on the right in our previous design, and I started to convert this design to move those things back to the right side (where they belong!) – however this new code base for this design although it looks plain, has some tricky javascript crap that gets in the way when I tried to move the sidebar to the right. So this is going to take some extra work to move things around compared to the old system.


I am going to try to

get the sidebar moved back to the right
Change the colors to more match our blue-book kind of feel we had before
check that some of the custom sizes for things like “next page” are enhanced like we had before
and any other things that we find as we try this transition.
Hopefully this new theme will

load faster.
provide enhanced viewing and navigation with various small screen sizes like tablets and phone.
fix a few problems we were having like mobile photo and video uploads not working all the time.
So lets test it out and see!

I think this new theme design has a better layout for profiles, and even if we don’t keep this new look I am going to try to find that code and use it in whatever design we end up with in the future.

Expect things to change with the look and feel the next few days while I test some various code snippets to see what looks good, what works, and what problems may arise.
We may just go right back to our old look / feel / design while I test things on another system a bit more – but in the spirit of hack it out and take feedback to see if it sticks, or even parts of it are worth enhancing – here it goes!

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