Tumblr deleting adult content is mass this time

Just saw an article saying that tumblr aka tumbler is shutting down all adult content in December of 2018. Very little notice, and quite a surprise.

It’s pretty easy to export tumblr posts and then import them in a wordpress powered site like this one.

I’ve grabbed some screenshots to make a tutorial showing how to export your tumbler blog and then import the posts and content into your own blog aka site here on adults only space. This process will be very similar on other wordpress powered sites.

As of writing this first draft, the export process for my friends small tumbler blog (I think it has less than 100 mostly nude and naughty posts) – is taking more than an hour for the backup to finish “processing” – maybe their computer servers are super swamped and running slow.

So I will come back and complete this tutorial for the import once the backup process completes and I finish a few other things and come back to it.

For non-graphical instructions for exporting your tumblr content see the help message from them here: https://tumblr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005118894-Export-your-blog

I might make a video tutorial showing how to do this.

You could also launch a little hosting account at a standard web host, install wordpress free and host your stuff on your own account.

This post will be updated later this evening and a new page created for this important info.

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  1. I can’t log into my old acct. I tried changing my password says my email isn’t valid either. I’ve had this acct. For almost a year. I registered w the same email same user name. But I can’t access any of my groups now . Need help please!!!

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