Two different looks during upgrades

March 2, 2014 Leave a comment
You may notice that one minute AO Space looks one way, then the next minute it’s very different with some things moved around. Sorry about the different looks / layouts everyone, we are working and testing some major upgrades, and the process has not been as smooth as a freshly shaved snatch.

We will continue switching back and forth, so one minute you may see our older/ original look and layout.


Then the next minute or next day you may see things looking a bit different.

We have fixed the bugs that caused the double posting issues, and now we are testing some different layout options to see how things look on different devices. Hopefully our newer look and feel will be able to mimic most of the functionality of our original site, and make it easier to use on tablets, cell phones, and other devices. So that is the plan, during these updates you may see things get out of whack for a bit… if you find something that is broken for more than hour please let me know so I can look into fixing it!

Planning to make a site suggestions page for everyone, and creating some new “how-to tutorials” to show how to use the most common things like loggin in, checking your private messages, uploading pics, and stuff like that. Soon as we get our newer layouts all fixed up.

Keeping everyone posted as I find a few minutes between code research and deployments.