Uncensored video sharing – nude, dirty, whatever

It seems that many video places online are so worried about being politically correct, and worried about what kids are stumbling across, it’s nice to have uncensored videos that adults can enjoy – adult comedy, adult themes and nudity are not censored here.

This is what many of us wish myspace would do, but they can’t. Uncensored adult video sharing! You can post your own dirty videos and keep them to your friends or share with the group. You can post your videos to the public adults only space and get feedback from other users! This is awesome! You have control over the amount of privacy and censorship you want or don’t want!

Update – we are testing two different video upload options right now – so video uploading is on pause temporarily while we work out some bugs.

2 thoughts on “Uncensored video sharing – nude, dirty, whatever”

  1. Thank God for finally starting this type site.I truly hope people realize the greatness of a site with this kind of freedom.Your work has allowed me to start a group,which I would never have done without your incredible efforts.Thanks Again!!

  2. Wish I could figure how to upload mine, there a blast and some laughs in between but i’ve only got a notebook cause i’m poor but proud. I got some good one’s of me and my future ex husband

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