Update today some changes anything broken?

We have finished most of a major update today. Right away we can see that there are some big changes – like the default profile pics being plain and boring instead of the cartoon monster icons that were auto-generated before got that part fixed finally! We have moved a few things around, not sure we will keep the new sidebar order or change it back, or change it around more – we’ll see!

It is our hope that the update makes the site faster, more secure, and easier to post pics in blog posts. If you find anything that is not faster or easier please let us know, and by all means if you find something that is broken please let me know ASAP!

We are working on some other new features to make things even more open and fun including a “group blog” for all groups so everyone in a group can share pics and stories in a group blog format that some people may find easier or more friendly for making new posts, and easier to keep up with the new group posts through rss feeds – but we’ll see if it catches on. There are a few other new things we are working on – we’ll keep everyone posted.

Still working to make this the best social sharing place for adults – and keeping it free the whole time! Please tell some friends about our cool uncensored network for adults only!

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