updates nov 16 2019

I just pushed some updates tonight…
this may have fixed some things,
may have broken more things
and may have little or no noticeable affect!
(have not tested everything yet – and likely will depend on you all to message me if you notice something new working or no longer working(

Some of the fixes are minor patches for new php versions.. but one of them was an attempt to fix a problem with new blogs and blog posts not saving.. Hope that is fixed, not 100% positive yet!

Not sure if it any of these patches affect iphone stuff, I don’t have any ios devices to test with yet.

so, give videos a test and let me know if it’s still an issue – like upload a new video from an iphone and see if it displays after?

fixes may only fix new videos and not old.. but they might fix old ones too (?) – the code that is affecting that is very complex for my brain to be honest – but I’m trying!

And should be able to tackle the iphone videos issues faster now that these other things are in place if it’s not already fixed!

13 thoughts on “updates nov 16 2019”

  1. Finally got to post on the blog I created. Took me some time to get around to it, things got really busy for me. But my first post published without issue, hopefully in the near future I can post some things of more substance that may tickle folks fancy. Thank for the effort and fixes to this issue.

  2. I tried to up load a Mp4 and I think the site did not like the format. Am I doing something wrong, or did I miss what type video can be uploaded?

  3. @lowkey7342 – Glad to hear it!
    @greywolf62 – were you using an apple device like ipad / iphone / mac ? I know those are having video issues for a very strange reason.

    I intend to get into the videos testing soon, and trying to has out the code that is causing the issue… but I need details from folks about what device they are using when having whichever problems – very strangely errors happen on a certain device and not others, even with the exact same video in the exact same format.

  4. Hi

    When I uploaded the Mp4 the upload process indicated the file was too big. Although the file does not show on the site, it can be downloaded… Also, I initially tried to upload a .mov file and it indicated the file was too large, over 2Mb, So, i converted it and made it smaller, under 2 Mb but, it did not like the Mp4 format. It did upload but, it shows as an error when you open the movie file icon. It give you the option to download the file and if you do, it downloads just fine but, you cannot watch it through the player on the site.

  5. I am recording the videos on an iPhone, transferring the files to Win 10 Pro PC, then uploading them to the site. I tried it as an .mov and .mp4 file. Browser is Firefox

  6. @peterpullen2020 – might it work if you go into albums and upload there, but no the wall?

    We may be moving to a new photo / video uploader at some point – it seems to keep getting more broken.

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