video problem fixed?

Update Dec 9th, 2015 – We fixed most of the video issues, however we did detect that some videos are still not working on most apple devices like iphones and ipads… and some web browsers fail to play videos with android tablets / phones – however I think most people can add mobile browser browser to their tablet / phone and actually see videos.

Our cosiing partners are currently working on and testing a new video conversation code that will hopefully make videos easier to watch on iphones / ipads in the near future – it’s not done quite yet, and they’ve been woking on this issue for a couple / few weeks now.

The original post from Nov 2, 2015 follows:
Got word from our coding partners that the videos issues should be resolved.

So we need to test! As people upload videos, if they work or don’t work, I need details about about kind of web browser is being used to upload or view. Also what the video format was in the original upload.

Our updated video thing is supposed to convert videos to a proper format and they should hopefully work for everyone whether it’s a desktop / laptop or mobile phone / tablet.

Looking forward to all this working!

Anyone who uploaded a video in the past couple weeks may need to re-upload, as from what I have seen most of those did not work properly.

Thanks for hanging in with us as we iron things out!

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