Videos broken for some – working on fixes

We understand that videos are not working for most people who are using apple / iOs devices. After spending a fair amount of time and money trying to fix this – it’s still broken. We are working on the problem – but it may be an issue for apple to make better in future updates – we are not sure at the moment.


We also found that videos posted in groups play okay in the group activity feed, and via the sitewide activity feed – but when you click to an individual video the formatting is way off and they don’t play. We just found this issue Jan 19th 2017 – and we are working on it.

We spent a lot of money on a special video converter thing, but we’re not sure it’s working like it’s supposed to. We are looking at other video converter systems at the moment, and we’ll hopefully have several updates before summer time to make all this much better.

3 thoughts on “Videos broken for some – working on fixes”

  1. Was a solution ever found, we can’t get any videos to play……..we have iphones………each video that we try and play states Media Error: Format not supported or sources not found

  2. I hope you get it fixed soon I feel like I’m missing out on loads !! Also my videos won’t play. Ones I’m trying to upload

  3. We are closer to fishing out the issue that s likely causing the video problem. Partial solution may be found at this point, but we’re not 100% sure either.. so, progress, and close I think!

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