We are upgrading adults only space today!

We are upgrading adults only space today. The community now has a few more features, and everything seems to be working, but we are not finished with the new look, so bear with us. In order to keep things secure and ready for the next batch of add ons, we are changing some of the code, and hence this new look.

The new look and feel is only temporary, so don’t be alarmed. We will be adding the recently active members, and avatars back to the front page shortly. We are also adding some new features that will allow users to set their own custom look and feel of the pages and blogs.

Stay tuned for more info!

4 thoughts on “We are upgrading adults only space today!”

  1. Admin;I tried to add you but you were not on the member requests,also I tried to make a change to E-Mail notification,and when I hit the key to make changes I go to dead screen,and it won’t refresh.Now what?

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